Muffle furnace safety operation regulations

Safe operation rules of ceramic fiber muffle furnace:
1. Before opening the furnace, check the tightness of the gas pipeline valve and the pressure on the gas pipeline can not be lower than the specified value.
2. Working conditions of push rod mechanism, tie rod mechanism and lif.......

Service life: an important quality index of printed materials

An important quality index of printed materials is service life, which is more prominent in durable materials such as PS plates, blankets, and rubber rollers. The procurement cost and service life of materials in a certain period are inversely proportional. The use of high-quality printed .......

Instruction manual of human gastrin (Gas) ELISA kit

Human gastrin (Gas) enzyme-linked immunoassay (ELISA)

Kit instruction manual

This kit is for research use only.

Drug Name:

Generic name: Human gastrin (Gas) ELISA kit

purpose of usage:

This kit is used to determine the content .......

TPA-1 Tuina Manipulation Parameter Measuring Instrument

TCM Acupuncture Series Teaching Model (Computer user self-provisioned)

The measuring instrument can be used to measure the dynamic characteristics of massage manipulation, and conduct quantitative and objective research, thereby changing the traditional massage manipulation teachin.......

The importance of adhesive material viscosity testing

Before using different types of self-adhesive labels, it is important to test the type of adhesive. It is important to see if this adhesive is a self-adhesive, heat-sealing adhesive, or glued paper. Some adhesives react chemically with certain substances. For example, self-adhesive labels .......

ATP-â…¡ acupuncture manipulation parameter measuring instrument

The system has the functions of acupuncture technique collection, storage, intelligent analysis, learning and examination.

1. Instant collection of acupuncture manipulation: This system can collect acupuncture manipulation in real time and display it on a coordinate axis in the for.......

Stem model of monocotyledonous plant

Stem model of monocotyledonous plant

Material: PVC
Product description: This model is based on corn stalks, showing the anatomical structure of monocotyledonous plants in vertical and horizontal sections, including epidermis, tube bundle, and basic tissue. The longitudinal sec.......