Curtain wall profile protective film passed through appraisal

The curtain wall profile protective film jointly developed by Fujian Normal University and Xiamen Meijiajie Environmental Protection Building Materials Co., Ltd. has recently passed the technical appraisal organized by the Fujian Provincial Department of Education and has been successfully promoted in Xiamen.

The product is based on the key technology project of the “Tenth Five-Year Plan” of the country, which is based on the special resin for environment-absorbing polypropylene, using rare-earth complexes and talcum powders that are self-contained and face-to-face, and the special resin for polypropylene is blown Membrane, and then made by thermoforming method, with environmental absorption, can replace the more serious pollution of the adhesive film, is an environmentally friendly building decorative packaging materials, use and degradation performance is excellent, and the overall cost is low, can be Widely used in the field of construction. (Liu Hong)

Source: Foreign Plastics