Automatic plastic bottle blowing machine fills domestic blank

For a long time, the domestic bottle blowing equipment has relied on imports, resulting in the history that the current SMEs in the industry are basically in the original hand-blowing process will be rewritten. The fully automatic rotary plastic bottle blowing machine developed by Shengzhou Sanqing Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. recently passed the appraisal of related departments and obtained three national patents. It has been used by large food companies such as Prince Milk and Xiao Yangren, and has been exported. Hollow blow molding bottles are widely used in milk beverages, cold foods, medicines and health care products, cosmetics and other industries, but over the years can only be a simple production of manual mold closing, most of the small and medium enterprises blowing the bottle in the original production state, manual clamping, clamping, Blowing bottles, opening molds, and taking bottles require a large number of skilled workers, which have high costs, low yields, and low qualification rates. Some large-scale enterprises have spent more than one million yuan on the injection blow molding machines, which are expensive to mold. They are generally used for large-scale production with less specification changes. They cannot adapt to changes in domestic bottle specifications.

After three years of development, Sanqing Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. has an auto-rotating plastic bottle blowing machine with Chinese characteristics. It can combine electric, pneumatic and mechanical transmissions with advanced features, simple and practical, simple operation, and low price. According to users' reports, compared with the manual mold-cutter production in the past, this equipment was used to produce 100 mL “stick ice” bottles for example. A machine can use only one common operator to reduce the number of people; 30,000, an increase of 13,000; product pass rate of more than 98%. In addition, there are outstanding changes in the aspects of raw material saving, customer satisfaction, labor intensity, and quality of the employees. The overall economic efficiency has doubled compared to the previous manual blowing.

The successful development of a fully automatic plastic bottle blowing machine and the realization of mass production are a breakthrough in domestic packaging machinery and equipment in recent years. The price of this type of equipment plus the extrusion unit is only 1/20 of the imported equipment, and it is suitable for bottle type changes. Facilitate the popularization and promotion of domestic bottle blowing production as soon as possible into mechanization.

Source: Engineering Plastics Applications