Alcohol-soluble paper press oil

First, the product description:

This product is a polymer alcohol-soluble polishing oil, which is specially designed for paper polishing requirements. After polishing, it can obtain high gloss and good flexibility. Alcohol-soluble polishing oil meets environmental protection requirements. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for food, medical packaging, surface polishing of colored paper products.

Second, quality standards:

Name indicator
Appearance Transparent viscous liquid
Viscosity (coating -4 cups, 25°C)

Solid content 42±2

Solvent alcohol solvent
Shelf life six months

Third, use:

1, alcohol solvent diluted to the required concentration, about 10:6-12

2, when the oil is high when the concentration of polishing oil should be added at any time, the amount of oil is generally 5-8g/M2

3, when polished, the pressure roller temperature depends on the paper, 90-120 °C

Third, note:

1, some of the ink will reject polishing oil caused by poor adhesion or adhesion strength, affect the polishing effect, the case of ink shutdown use, contact the factory to avoid losses.

2, thinner can not be too much, otherwise it will affect the polishing effect, when the oil should not be too dry or after the oil is too long to stack, otherwise it will affect the results.

Fourth, storage:

Keep this product away from fire and store it in a cool place during storage and use.

V. Shelf life: six months

Sixth, specifications: 190KG / barrel 17KG / barrel

VII. Packaging: Iron drum

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