In-mold Labeling System Based on SynErgy Series Precision Injection Molding Machine

normal> Netstal Machinery Co., Ltd. (Netstal-Maschinen AG) in Switzerland is a century-old high-precision injection molding machine manufacturer in 2007, will soon celebrate its 150th anniversary. Since the beginning of the production of full-hydraulic precision injection molding machines in 1945 , Nettech has repeatedly innovated the injection molding machine technology and has always occupied a leading position in the injection molding machine technology. It is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-precision injection molding machines, and its precision injection molding machines are enjoyed by the industry. " Ace press " the name. Netstal has more than 30 subsidiaries worldwide . China branch in April 2005 formally established in Shanghai.

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Normal >In response to the increasingly fierce market competition, Nettech has put forward " Nestwide's comprehensive customer support philosophy " , including: research and development to ensure the provision of mature technologies to users; Netstar Technology Center provides personalized consultants; Demand to provide personalized training: Flexible and efficient after-sales service is more reliable; global distribution of parts is faster and more efficient. The service has penetrated the entire core business, machine production and marketing process, winning a good reputation for Netstal.

Normal > The line of the company's production line includes three major product lines:

Normal > SynErgy series precision injection molding machine and ELION series precision injection molding machine, two-color or two-component material 2C injection molding machine. Mainly used for all kinds of medical, electronic, food packaging (caps and thin-walled containers) and Gaoke products.

Normal > PETLINE polyester preform production system. The system provides a series of production equipment for the production of polyester bottle embryos, including host machines, molds, robots, raw material drying, conveying, dehumidification, and chillers and air compressors.

Normal > Discjet/Eject injection molding machine for liquid-electric and full electric disc production. Two models with corresponding molds can produce a variety of CD products: CD , CD-ROM , CD-R/RW , VCD , DVD-5/9/10  

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