Crystal Standard: Making Beer Labeling More Ornamental

The first domestic use of "crystal" technology

The green elegant beer bottle is affixed with a transparent adhesive sticker. During the day, it can make the beer exquisite, transparent and pure. In the evening, it can make the beer more elegant and crystal clear under the refraction of colorful lights. . This is a crystal mark with a “transparent heart”! The earliest to bring it to China is the famous Kingway beer in the industry.

In May 2003, Shenzhen Kingway Beer introduced a crystal sticker machine from Germany's KRonES, a world-renowned manufacturer of beer packaging equipment, for the labeling of its “Crystal Pure” Kingway beer. The labeling machine can apply a transparent sticker on the beer bottle. At present, only a few large international famous beer brands are used on a small scale in the world. Kingway has become the first domestic beer using this technology. Brand.

Differentiated competition achievements "Technology Jinwei"

As a beer in fast-moving consumer goods in traditional industries, how can companies win the competition when the phenomenon of homogenization of products becomes more and more serious? The road of differentiated competition is “I have no people, I have new people, and people are new”. It is one of the magic weapons of Kingway Beer. Taking packaging as an example, Kingway has created a number of first prizes in the country: the first uses color box packaging, the first uses white glass bottled beer, and now is the first one to use crystal. It is this differentiated advantage that has created the reputation of Kingway's “Technology and Technology” and has won good economic and social benefits. The growth rate of its production and sales volume has exceeded 30% in the past two years. In 2002, Kingway Beer also won the title of “China Top Brand Product” and entered the top eight in the industry.

Kingway’s technological innovation has risen from the development of a single technical indicator and product flavor to a systemic process and product concept that includes packaging. Despite the use of crystal markers, the production cost of each bottle of wine is much higher, but in order to “breave the favorite beer of the common people,” consumers are allowed to enjoy delicious beer at a lower price while enjoying a wonderful visual enjoyment. I feel duty bound.

KRonES Adhesive Labeler with High Performance

The successful application of the "Crystal Standard" is inextricably linked with the merits of the KRonES Adhesive Labeling Machine. With a maximum speed of 48,000 bottles/hour, this labeling machine is a modern, space-saving rotary machine. It is equipped with a servo motor, a label axis scanner, a label transporter, and a tear monitor. Compared with the need for custom labeling and labeling when different label types and bottle types are used in conventional labeling machines, the equipment is not as complicated and tooling is not necessary. The replacement parts can be adjusted repeatedly, and the basic structure of the machine can be expanded. And safety and noise protection indicators have all reached the latest European requirements. The labelled beer has a strong visual impact and is capable of vividly displaying the crystal characteristics and high grades of beer.

Industry-recognized crystal mark will continue to exert force

In August 2003, the small bottles of Kingway Brewery using crystal logos began to appear in Shenzhen and some of the evening bars around. Because of the transparent crystal mark, it can highlight the noble taste and fashion personality of the beer body under the refraction of the colorful lights in the night market. It gives people an extremely wonderful appearance and achieves the perfect unity of wine and packaging, winning the night field. The stylish person's acclaim. Kingway Brewery will gradually adopt the crystal label instead of the paper label. The small bottle of Kingway Brew will gradually standardize the Kingway beer on the night market. At the same time, it will also introduce a brand-new “Crystal Standard” premium beer in the form of content and form to expand Kingway. The market share of beer makes it a new profit growth point.

Source: China Packaging News