Analysis of the Cost of Coated Paper Products

At present, the coated paper market has become increasingly fierce. However, the prices of imported pulp and chemical raw materials have continued to rise, which has kept the cost of products high, which has caused a sharp decline in the profits of coated paper manufacturers. Facing the embarrassing situation, different companies adopt different measures, some reduce costs, some develop new products to avoid competition, and others wait and see.

Through the analysis of coated paper on the market in recent years, there is a general trend of development that is to develop in the direction of high ash content and high coating amount. Is this kind of development thinking scientific and reasonable? We will do some meticulous analysis. First of all, we will analyze the reasons for developing high ash content and high coating amount. The higher the coating amount is, the better the printing effect is, and the higher the ash content, the lower the cost. This argument makes some sense, but the author does not dare to agree. Because the paper with high coating amount and high ash density is relatively large, the same thickness is relatively heavy, the paper is easily broken, and there are also disadvantages such as easy chalking after the moisture absorption of the paper and low yield of recycled paper fibers, and so on. A properly coated paper is especially important.

First of all, the analysis of the size of the coating amount is considered to be more ideal. We consider from the printing effect of paper and the strength of the paper sheet: From the perspective of printing knowledge, the ink penetrates into the paper only with a thickness of 2~3μm, that is, It is said that the effect of the printing on the surface of the paper is 2 to 3 μm. From coating technology analysis, coating 10g/m2 per side, coating thickness has reached 6 ~ 8μm, in general, the roughness of the base paper is 5 ~ 7μm, from the coating experiment, the coating amount of 5g / m2 or more The paper surface has a clear coating appearance, and we can understand that a coating with a roughness of 5 to 7 μm can be added to a coating amount of 5 g/m 2 , so many scholars believe that a coating of 10 g/m 2 is applied on each side. It is not unreasonable that the base paper is completely covered (there is no fiber on the surface). Considering the thickness of the printing ink penetrating into the paper, the thickness of the coating is not only covered in the base paper but also has a certain thickness to accept the penetrating ink, so the coating thickness is 7~10μm is more scientific, that is, the coating amount is 10 ~ 15g/m2 is enough to meet the needs of beautiful printing. Coatings with a relatively high coating weight are thinner and have less loss of strength. Therefore, when paper is applied to a cover, it is not necessary to apply a film (a certain amount of pulp is appropriately added), which is not only favorable for environmental protection but also saves printing costs.

Then analyze the paper ash problem, the purpose of adding ash paper is to improve the physical strength and printability of the paper, paper-making seniors have passed a large number of experiments confirmed that ash content below 5%, does not affect the strength of the sheet, and even increase the strength when The ash continues to increase and the intensity index has dropped significantly. Taking into account the formation of the paper and print adaptability, some scholars have confirmed that the control of the raw paper ash at 10% to 13% is more reasonable.

Of course, the cost of such paper is much higher than that of high-coated and high-ash coated paper. For manufacturers to increase the selling price is profitable. However, it is very difficult for consumers to read only the unit price. However, there are still economic accounts. Using such paper can significantly reduce the cost of laminating and using high-weight paper.

Source: PACK.CN