Introduction of Double Plastic Beer Bottle

Double-layer plastic beer bottles not only fill the gap in the market for double-layer injection blown plastic bottles, but also provide the beer packaging industry with a plastic bottle that can be used in a real sense, and will definitely bring a revolutionary beer packaging field. Changes, so that beer packaging from the era of glass bottles to the era of plastic bottles.

Double plastic beer bottle processing and manufacturing:

Raw material - inner PEN resin (colorless mother); outer modified PET resin (including color masterbatch);

Equipment - imported dual-color / dual injection molding machine, automatic blowing machine;

Moulds - highly precise double preform molds, bottle molds;

Process - advanced double-layer preform molding process, blow molding process;

Uses - cooked beer filling, draught beer filling.

Double plastic beer bottle filling line: pasteurization filling production line (improvement of glass bottle filling line), aseptic cold filling production line. Double plastic beer bottles are divided by color: green bottles, brown bottles, and colorless bottles. According to the bottle mouth points: crown mouth, screw mouth. According to the bottom of the bottle: five claw type, glass bottle type.

Double plastic beer bottle specifications by capacity: 500ML, 680ML, 1 500ML.

The performance of the double-layer plastic beer bottle is high barrier property, beer shelf life of 6 months, good heat resistance, can withstand pasteurization temperature; inert to the content, does not change the taste of beer; the highest level of hygiene, can pass the US FDA Certification and meet the food packaging requirements of China, Japan and European countries; pressure, explosion-proof, lightweight, transparent; easy recycling, no environmental problems.

Reprinted from: Foreign Plastics