EU to develop new glass for food packaging

Recently, European researchers have stated that they are working on clearer, more durable glass to help food processing companies present in more exquisite packaging and their food characteristics. This is also good news for glass makers. Over the years, their business has been declining in the face of the trend toward cheap resin.

In this joint research project, British, French and European synchrotron radiation equipment institutions passed the detection of zeolites. After the structural change of the crystalline solid is said, heating under controlled conditions that does not affect its structure contributes to the manufacture of exquisite glass.

The research team stated that they can achieve their goal by recording the vibrations of the zeolite atom group. Zeolites are porous crystalline sodium aluminates that represent the order of the rules. They are components of the soil and can act as obstacles to the movement of radioactive elements.

Reprinted from: China's New Packaging