Barcode printing position recommendation

The design principle of bar code printing position is: the selection of bar code symbol position should be based on the relative unity of the symbol position, the symbol is not easily deformed, and the scanning operation and reading are the criteria. It shall comply with the provisions of GB/T 14257-2002 "Location of Product Bar Code Symbols". In actual work, the commodity bar code should be printed on the flat surface of the product package, firstly on the right side of the main display surface of the package, followed by the plane connected with the main display surface, and when these surfaces are not placed, they can also be placed on the The back of the main display surface of the package; the product barcode must be printed on the uncovered surface; the product barcode cannot be placed on the wearable surface of the package.

According to the relevant regulations of EAN, the following bar code printing positions are recommended according to the different forms of product packaging:

1, box type, box type packaging bar code printing position

When using box-type or box-type packaging products, when selecting the barcode location, the different influences on the barcode symbol should be considered when packaging and after folding, to avoid hiding the barcode symbol after the container is folded, or the left and right blank areas are insufficient. The bar code symbol printed on the carton should be printed on the side that is not easy to wear during transportation. It is best printed on the bottom of the box to avoid being printed in the center. When the package is rectangular, the bar code symbol should be printed in the center of the bottom of the box.

2, canned, bottled bar code printing position

For canned and bottled goods, printing bar code symbols on the bottom surface of cans, glass bottles, and plastic containers may increase the cost. A better method is to print the bar code on the side of the label.

In bottled products, especially polyester bottled beverages, the shape of the packaging is uneven, and after the label is affixed to the bottle, the bar code symbol also becomes uneven with the bottle shape, and wrinkles occur, resulting in unreadable bar code symbols. In this case, the location of the label should be smooth when printing bar code symbols.

In the bottle, canned and other curved products on the bar code symbol, but also note that the bar code symbol surface curvature can not exceed 30 °. On a curved product package, the product's barcode magnification factor is related to the diameter of the surface. When the product packaging diameter is too small, if the bar code symbol is placed perpendicular to the bottom of the package in the direction of the bar, the scanner will be difficult to scan it completely. At this time, the bar code should be turned 90°, and the bar code direction should be perpendicular to the cylinder package. Place bus.

3, barrel type packaging barcode printing position

When the product is a plastic or paper barrel type packaging, if the bar code is printed on the bottom, special printing is required, which will increase the cost, so it is generally printed on the side of the barrel. If it cannot be printed on the side, the bar code can be printed on the cover, but the depth of the cover must not exceed 12mm. If the inside is a leaky liquid, the container cannot be inverted during the scan. The barcode must not be printed on the lid.

4, bag type packaging bar code printing position

For bagged goods, if the bar code symbol is printed near the edge of the bag, although the inspection is satisfactory after printing, after the contents are loaded, deformation or wrinkling easily occurs, and it is still difficult to correctly read the bar code. The correct method is to avoid seams and deformed parts when selecting the bar code position. It is better to put the content in the bag first, observe and find the flat part, and then print the bar code at this position.

In general, for bagged foods such as bread and candy, when the bottom is large and the bottom is large enough, the bar code should be printed on the bottom surface, otherwise it can be printed in the center under the back surface.

For bulky bags, the bar code is printed on the lower right side of the back, but it should not be printed too low to prevent distortion of the bar code symbol due to seams or wrinkles in the bag. For small plastic bags or paper products that do not have a bottom, the bar code should be printed in the center below the back. When there is a seam at the back of the back, it is printed at the bottom right, or it can be printed on the crease without filling.

5, plastic packaging bar code printing position

For blister packaging products where the packaging card is not printed, the barcode is preferably printed on the front of the cardboard, and the height of the protruding packaging must not exceed 12mm, otherwise the reading will be affected.

If the product volume is too large, the protruding package height is greater than the cardboard surface 12mm, the bar code should be placed away from the protruding package as far as possible, so that when the goods are read obliquely, the bar code on the card is within 12mm from the scanning window, otherwise it is not easy Reading.

In addition, in order to prevent the wrinkling, deformation, and damage of the package from affecting reading, when selecting the bar code position of the product, the blank area of ​​the bar code symbol and the artificially readable number must leave at least 5 mm away from the crease, wrinkle, overlap, and light cover. The bar code of a product's outer packaging must not appear at the same time as the bar code on a single retail product it contains.

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