Large-format color inkjet printers

With the promotion of computer-aided design (CAD), the level of informatization in the engineering field has been continuously improved, and higher-level and newer requirements have been put forward for large-format printers for the output devices of design drawings. This is exactly what large format printers are The inner power of the upgrade.

The large format color inkjet printer is a sophisticated, professional-grade print output device that incorporates many high technologies. Compared with color printing systems and ordinary plotters, large format color inkjet printers are not only economical, fast, and convenient, but also meet the printing needs of a wide range of users, and the output quality and print speed are also satisfactory to users. In particular, today's large-format color inkjet printers not only win the trust of professional users, but also have high prices for color laser printers and strict restrictions on the output format.

Traditional CAD areas such as architectural design drawings, architectural renderings, and plan drawings are mostly line drawings and color patch maps, and they have a large number of plots. Therefore, the speed requirements of the printer are relatively high, and the lines are clear and the curves are smooth. Black is full and colorful, able to display the original design ideas as much as possible to avoid mistakes and show the final results. The development of the CAD field is changing with each passing day. New industry trends have created new requirements for large-format printers. Although large-format color inkjet printers are also inkjet printers, but it has its own characteristics and requirements, users should not confuse with ordinary inkjet printers in the purchase, but should focus on the technical aspects of large format printers. Here we talk about some basic common sense when choosing a printer.

1. Pre-purchase preparation: When purchasing, users must first understand their own work characteristics and daily requirements, that is, the maximum size of the printed image, how high the resolution of the printed image, the daily print volume in the end How large is it? Does it require an unattended printing function and how much ink cartridges should be used? Second, users need to understand some of the manufacturer's product features, after-sales service and technical support capabilities. The user also needs to know whether the manufacturer has special service stations, how after-sales service, and how the technical support capabilities are in the city. Finally, based on their purchasing power, the user first selects several vendors’ products as candidate objects for a full comparison. Remember to choose well-known brands in the industry, such as HP's large format printers. Its excellent output and efficiency can meet the output requirements of industry users. And its famous gold medal service and timely response of technical support will also bring maximum return on investment for industry users. At the same time, when users purchase large-format printers, they also need to understand the software and hardware environment of large format color inkjet printers, or ask experienced technicians to be able to purchase the appropriate products.

2, concerned about a variety of comprehensive performance indicators: large-format color inkjet printer overall performance indicators in addition to the print speed, print resolution, interface, maximum print size and continuous print length and other parameters, but also includes the CPU main frequency size, memory capacity ( Whether it is possible to expand and expand the range size), hard disk capacity, drawing language standards, remote printer management tool software, and network connection performance. The print speed of a large format color inkjet printer is measured in units of square inches per hour and is typically high speed, standard, best/photo, and an efficient and economical print mode. HP's latest release of the HP Designjet 4500 brings the CAD/GIS industry's large-format drawing output to a new level, enabling the printing of two A1-format color or black-and-white images in one minute. The print accuracy includes three indicators of resolution, color accuracy, and line accuracy. At present, the print resolution has 600dpi standard mode and 1200dpi/1440dpi fine mode, and the general standard of line accuracy is +/- 0.2%, while the color accuracy is different according to the technical differences among various manufacturers, and there is no one clear standard. HP large-format printers have better specifications than industry standards, and the print resolution of many products can reach a resolution of 2400 dpi and provide +/-0.1% accurate lines. HP also uses industry-leading color technologies including automatic fault correction, enhanced sRGB printing, closed loop color calibration, offset simulation, HP CMYK Plus, black point compensation, and Pantone calibration.

Large format printers have a maximum print size of 61 cm, 91 cm, 108 cm, 137 cm, and 153 cm. The maximum length for continuous printing is 45 meters. HP's newly released HP Designjet 4500 can still install 2 separate webs at the same time, up to 175 meters per web. Users need to select printers with different parameters according to their use environment, that is, users can use these basic indicators to clarify their purchasing intentions.

As the networked office environment matures, whether to support network management and remote control has become an important factor when choosing a printer. HP's recently released CAD/GIS-based products integrate powerful networking capabilities. The HP Designjet WebAccess, which is unique to HP large-format printers, enables users to remotely manage printers from any computer's Web browser, such as setting up printer alerts, print job management, querying printer status, ink levels, and media usage information. The Jetdirect Fast Ethernet print server integrates quickly and easily with the office network. Users can generate detailed usage reports by job, user, project, or even print type and send them automatically to track remote usage.

3, other aspects of the selection requirements: the size of the ink cartridge capacity is the user needs to pay attention to the special aspects of large format color inkjet printers. The ink consumption of large-format color ink jet printers is astonishing. In general, users should choose the capacity of the ink cartridge according to their own needs, and also consider whether the printer's working environment is based on color image output or text output. For ink, users should pay attention to the original authentic products purchased by the manufacturer. There are no rules for printing paper, and the cost of the paper will vary greatly depending on the quality and performance. Many manufacturers claim that their products can accommodate a variety of print media, but this is not the case. HP's wide-format printers are well-recognized by the industry for their excellent compatibility with different materials.

After determining the type and indicator of the selected equipment, the cost performance of the equipment and the basic conditions of the manufacturer should also be taken into consideration. The powerful manufacturers, their technical support and after-sales service is often very strong, users will have a higher sense of security when they buy their products.