German bass printing brand new UV - Setter 646 platemaking machine

BasysPrint, a subsidiary of Punch International Group, recently launched a fully automatic platemaking machine for large-volume commercial printing, the Besin UV-Setter 646 platemaking machine. The plate-making machine is suitable for 4-up to 6-open plates (maximum plate size: 690 × 980m m) and can be used for book printing and large-volume magazine printing. The UV - Setter 646 platemaking machine is suitable not only for 4-web format printing, but also for 8-high offset web offset presses such as the Heidelberg M 600, Roland Interior, KBA Planeta, R yobi, and Goss. The UV-Setter 646 platesetter made its debut at this year's IPE X printing exhibition in the UK. (Xiaoming)

Reprinted from: Guangdong Printing