The Ten Most Popular Youth Hostels Welcomed by the Friend in 2007 [PHOTOS]

1. Phoenix Lijiang Renjia Inn - just leaning on the edge of Lijiang River

Jiuqu ileum of the Minjiang River, quiet and ancient flow. And next to it, it is the natural and primitive people of the Lijiang River that are dependent on it.

Address: No. 13, Huilongge, Rongjiang Town, Fenghuang County

Boutique Comments: Here and the well-known painter Huang Yongyu's home, “Jade Cuilou” is separated by a wall. There is a viewing platform in the inn, which is a great place to shoot the Li River and Hongqiao. Also, the boss package Aunt is very good, is definitely a good reputation in the Phoenix tourist circle "celebrity."

2, Zhangjiajie snail station - the gathering place for donkeys, backpacker's home.

Snails stack - the largest gathering place for backpackers in Central China. The original brick-colored façade, original wooden tables and chairs, and all of them are very freehand brushwork. The walls are painted in black and dark colors, and each wall is decorated with different field supplies to decorate the walls. The wall paintings are landscapes with a very wide view. Hanging a few lanterns, like warm guides, make you feel at home.

Address: Building 1, Pingdehuang Community, Nanzhuang, Zhangjiajie City (opposite the City Construction Bureau) Tel: 0744-829676713807443838

Boutique Comments: Unfamiliar city has a family called snail lived in the corner of the Inn bar, picking up a book at hand, so that time in the lines between the lines gently flow away, so that the thoughts as the story goes away.

3. Baimulin International Youth Hostel in Urumqi--Home of the Rangers

Baihualin International Youth Hostel is the first international youth hostel in Xinjiang. It is a three-story framed independent building. Behind the building is a municipal green square covering an area of ​​over a thousand acres. It is only 200 meters away from Carrefour supermarket and is in front of the municipal Avenue, transportation is very convenient. The hostel has convenient living facilities such as self-service laundry, kitchen, public toilets, and broadband Internet access. It can provide various transportation and travel information and currently has more than 50 beds.

Address: Newly built South Lake Plaza, Urumqi, Telephone

Boutique Comments: The ability to stay overnight in a friendly atmosphere in a friendly atmosphere is also a perfect place to get acquainted with the customs of Xinjiang at the lowest price.

4. Songshan Hall, Hongshan Village, Huangshan Village

For the ancient dwellings as the hostel, Hongcun alone is the only one among the ancient buildings carved into the room, wooden walls, wooden windows, woodcarving ancient bed full of strong historical charm, as if indulging in history. Living with the owner and eating together, there is quite a kind of homely intimacy. The farmhouse dishes and various game dishes are very rural.

Address: No. 07, Shangshui, Hongcun, Hongcun Town, Yixian County, Huangshan City, Anhui Province

Boutique Comments: Characteristic residential small courtyard, the pavilion in the room, fish ponds, as well as beautiful people are good!

5, Hangzhou Bathing Bay Youth Hostel - Lake Walkers Home

Located on the banks of the beautiful West Lake, at the junction of Hu Pao Road and San Tai Shan Road, No. 29, Che Shan Shan. The name of the Chishui River is called the Bathing Bay. The famous literary writer of the Yuan Dynasty, Zhang Yu Xuan Xuan Shui Xuan here, is called: "The Diaolou". Liu Bangyan has a poem saying: "In the spring bath, there was a bathing bay, and the tower was high on the Castle Peak. The sound of birds swiftly flew away, and the door was covered with greenery.

Address: No.29, Chishanjing, Xihu District, Hangzhou City (Hurray Road and Santaishan intersection, behind the Chishanyan parking lot)

Boutique Comments: Bathing Bay Youth Hostel is an ideal place to get to know different travelers, exchange travel knowledge, friends gather together, hold reunion and outdoor community.