Take the road of cooperation between printing equipment and printing and processing companies

Since the reform and opening up, China's printing industry has achieved great development and achieved remarkable achievements. Although our entire industry still has a large gap with the world's advanced level, both the printing equipment industry and the printing and processing industry have achieved a place in the international market while meeting the needs of the domestic market. This is a relief for all printing professionals. However, with the transition period after China entered the WTO, China's printing industry not only faces the business opportunities brought about by China's rapid economic development, but also faces more challenges from well-known transnational companies in developed countries. As printing companies and printing and processing companies, two battleships in the printing industry fighting in the tide of the market economy, can continue to ride the waves, sail and sail, and advance toward the goal of further narrowing the gap with the international advanced level, it is worth our careful consideration.

For the solution of such an obvious problem, the wise see wisdom and the benevolent sees it. The author believes that taking the road of cooperation between printing equipment companies and printing and processing companies is also an optional measure.

First, the possibility of cooperation

From the point of view of printing equipment companies, it is the upstream enterprise in the supply chain of the printing industry. Its direct service target is the printing and processing enterprises. As a printing equipment manufacturer of equipment suppliers, it not only provides good equipment for printing and processing companies, but also provides good services, and it should also provide good value-added services. This is an area where printing equipment companies need to extend downstream.

From the point of view of the printing and processing enterprises, as the market competition becomes more and more fierce, it increasingly receives the demand from customers for providing overall printing. In this case, it also very much hopes to get the overall service (outsourcing service) of the upstream printing equipment companies in terms of equipment, in order to free up energy, focus on core business, and better serve customers.

From the above two perspectives, there is exactly a point of convergence between the respective needs of printing equipment companies and printing and processing companies. If we can regard it as an entry point, it will be possible for both parties to start cooperation.

Second, the field of cooperation

1. The professional maintenance of printing equipment makes use of the advantages gathered by professional technicians of printing equipment enterprises to provide printing equipment manufacturers with a professional maintenance and repair service package.

2. Personalization of printing equipment In the face of increasingly diversified print processing, printing and processing companies often need to personalize Universal II III equipment. In the past, most of the printing and processing companies were 'self-reliant', but due to lack of professionalism, the majority of the losers were.In this regard, printing and packaging companies can show their advantages and provide strong support for printing and processing companies.

3. Development of new products for printing equipment When printing equipment companies develop new products, on the one hand, process and technical personnel of the printing and processing companies can participate in the process and listen to their opinions on the functions, performance and other aspects of the new products, so that new products can be developed. More close to the needs of users; on the other hand, printing and processing companies can also become new product performance, operating indicators and other aspects of the test base.

Third, the benefits of cooperation

1. Printing equipment companies can better get close to customers, get close to the market, and avoid the 'closed doors';
2. Printing and processing companies can get specialized services from printing equipment companies, reduce costs, and highlight core businesses;
3. It is sometimes seen that some printing and processing companies at home and abroad are operating printing facilities in manufacturing equipment or printing equipment companies. From the perspective of resource allocation, they are not economical. Professionals should be done by professional people to achieve optimal allocation of resources.

Fourth, cooperation guarantee

Establishing partnerships between enterprises at each node of the supply chain and developing strategic cooperation are increasingly being accepted by people. Printing equipment companies and printing and processing companies are no exceptions. The purpose of cooperation is to achieve common development and realize 'win-win'. Therefore, some practical issues that ensure smooth cooperation should not be ignored.

1. The management mechanism between enterprises must be able to connect

Once the partnership between the companies is established, the relationship between the two parties becomes very close, and the management work asked to each other has a certain degree of cross-infiltration. If there are big differences in the management mechanism, there will be collisions and frictions and the cooperation will not be smooth. Under normal circumstances, the management mechanisms of the two parties are closer to or adapt to the operational requirements of the market economy, and the likelihood of success will greatly increase.

2. Technical level to be able to dock

Due to the different positioning of enterprises in market competition, the choice of technology level will also be different. When selecting partners, if the technical level cannot be matched, the common points of cooperation will be reduced.

3. The benefit-sharing mechanism is indispensable

Each enterprise is the main body of market competition, and all have objectives and tasks for pursuing interests. Therefore, when starting cooperation, the interest-sharing mechanism should be determined, and the contract must be constrained. There should be a consensus here that the two parties should not be the ones who share the bargaining power. We must work together to generate the benefits of l+l>2. We must share the results of the value-added segment.

The development of the printing and processing industry requires that printing equipment companies continue to provide innovative equipment and services. The development of printing equipment companies also requires printing and processing companies to provide wider market space. The relationship between the two complements each other, and has driven both parties to become more and more. near. Let us join hands to strengthen cooperation and cope with challenges, and jointly promote the rapid development of China's printing industry.