Cover color design

The color design of the cover design is an important aspect of the design. Appropriate color performance and artistic processing can produce eye-catching effects in the reader's vision. The use of color needs to take into account the needs of the content, using different color contrast effects to express different content and ideas. In the comparison, we seek unity and coordination, and it is advisable to configure each other in terms of color, so that the contrast colors are unified in coordination. The color of the title must have a certain amount of weight on the cover. If the purity is not enough, it cannot produce a dramatic effect. In addition to the paint color used for the cover design, it can also be used in decorative colors. The color of the art book cover design does not necessarily apply to textbooks, and the cover colors of textbooks and theoretical books are not suitable for children's books. To see the meaning of color dialectically, it cannot be used metaphysically.

In general, the color of infant journals should be designed to be delicate, simple, naive, and cute. Tones are often treated as high-profile, weakening contrasts and emphasizing soft feelings; the color of women's books can be based on the characteristics of women. Choose gentle, charming, and elegant color series; sports magazine's colors emphasize the impact of stimulating, contrasting, and pursuing color; and the colors of art magazines require a rich connotation, and there must be depth, avoid frivolity, kitsch; The colors can emphasize the mystery; the color of the fashion magazines should be trendy and full of personality; the color of professional academic magazines should be dignified, serious and elegant, and reflect the sense of authority, and the contrast ratio of high purity should not be emphasized.

In addition to coordination of color configuration, we must pay attention to the relationship of color, including the contrast of hue, purity, and brightness. There is no contrast between hue and warmth on the cover, and you feel a lack of enthusiasm; there is no contrast in brightness on the cover, you feel boring and emaciated; there is no clear contrast in purity on the cover, you will feel ancient peace and customs. We must master the relationship of lightness, purity, and hue in the color design of the cover, and at the same time use these three relationships to understand and find the causes of the defects on the cover, in order to improve color cultivation.

Above, I talked about the design method of the four basic elements of the book cover design. To order these elements in a single picture, we can form the cover of the book. Grasping the basic methods of cover design must not be applied dogmatically, but must be targeted in order to design an excellent book cover so that readers can fall in love at first sight.