Thermal transfer technology (5)

5. Transfer printing process

Pressurized transfer embossing process. For polyester, for example, the most suitable process conditions should be 20 to 30 seconds at 205°C. At 170-180°C and 10s, the effect is not good. At 180-190°C and 15-10s, only the ring dyeing effect can be achieved. If it is 230 to 240° C. and 40 s or more, the handle becomes rough, and if it is 240° C. and more than 45 s, it is nearly melted. Different types of fabric fibers, the transfer conditions are also different, see Table 2.

Table 2 Transfer conditions of dyes in different fabrics

Fabric Fiber Transfer Temperature (°C) Time (s)
Nylon 6 180 10-15
Nylon 66 230 15 to 20
Polyacrylonitrile 190~240 10~15
Polyester 230~240 20~40