Rubber roller UV printing using a new perspective

In the selection of the rubber roller UV printing and its cleaning agent, we should pay attention to the comprehensive benefits, reduce the comprehensive and cost, improve the UV printing quality, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

Correctly install the new roller bearing. Firstly, clean the impurities of the two ends of the new rubber roller, and then use the bearings whose specifications and models meet the design requirements, apply the lubricating oil on each mating surface, and force the special bearing sleeves to be properly and evenly forced until the bearings are installed in place. Do not apply force directly to the bearing and beat it at random to prevent the bearing from being damaged before it is used.

Make sure the roller bearings, shaft seat lubrication. Before the installation of the rubber roller, it is necessary to coat the outer surface of the two rollers of the rubber roller and the rubber roller bearing sleeve and bracket on the machine with grease to minimize the rotation, impact and friction caused by the back and forth movement of the ink roller. Reduce wear on both sides of roller bushing and shaft seat.

In recent years, UV printing has been widely used, and UV printing and ordinary dual purpose ink rollers have emerged. UV and ordinary dual purpose ink roller installation method is as follows.

1. New ink roller adaptation program

When installing a complete set of new rubber rollers and ready to print with UV ink, the ink roller must be run with UV transparent ink or UV ink for 2 to 3 hours to allow the ink roller to fully adapt to UV ink, and then washed with UV washing water. Only UV printing procedures can be performed. If you do not follow the above procedure, some UV inks may become hard and accumulate on the surface of the ink roller, resulting in uneven inking, heat generation, and difficulty in cleaning. The ink roller is also susceptible to wear. If ordinary ink printing is performed with a new ink roller, printing can be performed after it is installed.

2.UV printing and ordinary ink printing conversion program

When converting from UV printing to ordinary ink printing, the ink roller should be washed with special UV printing washing machine water, and then printed with ordinary ink. Before printing, it is necessary to check whether all the ink rollers have been fully inked. When converting from ordinary ink to UV ink, UV printing can be performed after cleaning the ink roller. However, if it is found that the ink is not good, you can use UV transparent ink or UV printing ink to run the ink roller for about 12 hours before performing UV printing.


To accurately determine the suitable position of the rubber roller on the UV printer, regulate the pressure of the water roller and the ink roller. Whether the position of the rubber roller is appropriate or not is directly related to the uniformity of the ink transfer and the ink brushing, which directly affects the quality of the printed matter, and also directly affects other aspects, such as the life of the rubber roller. The contact pressure between the ink rollers should be kept even and moderate. If the pressure is too large, the rubber roller will be deformed by pressure, the colloid will expand due to the heat of distribution, the ink will be heated and easily thinned, and even "degumming" will affect the quality of the printing ink color; On the other hand, it is easy to damage the rubber roller head (bearing) or shaft hole. Ink roller height adjustment is also very important, adjust too high will be uneven ink, too low is easy to scratch the colloid, and increase the wear of the printing plate. The situation of contact between the ink roller and the printing plate can generally put a piece of paper with a toughness of about 40 g/m2 on the printing plate. When the ink roller is rolled up, the note can be pulled with a sense of pressure resistance.

The height of the roller adjustment is also related to the structure of the UV print. If it is a printed UV print with a background color, the rubber roller can be adjusted to a low value with an error of ±0.5 mm. This allows the ink roller to transfer the ink to the UV printing roller more evenly. The printed product is pleasing to the eye, otherwise, easy. There are ink bars, ink channels, etc. When printing text, the height of the rubber roller is basically the same as the text version or slightly lower, so that the printing roller can gently rub the printing plate, so that the character printing is very clear and neat, and the rubber roller wear surface is small. It is not easily damaged and can extend the life of the printing plate. Adjustment should be used to adjust the rubber roll, first remove the printing plate to adjust the glue roller horizontally into and pull out several times, adjust the size of the ink on the roller immediately displayed, the operator can determine the UV printing according to the different needs of printing The height of the rubber roller, then the top wire is locked firmly, so that the height of the rubber roller will not change during high-speed printing.

When patrolling the rubber roller, be patient, so as to avoid the following conditions: damage to the surface of the roller, dregs, blurred graphics, text lack of lanes, and even paste, rubber jump; graphic inking, even UV print surface Only the printed images are not ink; the adjustment is too tight and the UV printing roller is damaged, causing equipment accidents.