Color and its identification method

Each plate represents a certain color. The color difference is the designation that the printing plate represents a certain color. For example: yellow, magenta, cyan, black, etc. The structure of the images on these plates, such as tone levels, dot area size and distribution, texture angles, and text, lines, etc., are distributed differently depending on the color characteristics of the manuscript, tone structure, brushstroke art, and atmosphere. The color of the images on the layout is generally black (by rubbing the developing ink). Therefore, the printing plate printed on the machine must perform color identification work to identify whether it is the printing plate of the color needed on the machine. The color of the wrong plate, the mistakes of the color can be disastrous.

There are generally two methods for identifying the color version: the dot angle identification method and the contrast tone method of the layout graphic tone.

Network point identification method

When the manuscript is decomposed, for each color plate image, different dot angles are not prepared for overprinting to reduce the organization color. Therefore, the angle of each dot is an important basis for identifying the color of each plate.

Graphic shades contrast method

The color tones of the same part of each monochrome plate are different because the color structure is different and the color content is not equal. When the plate is decomposed, the colors are not equal. The principle that the same part of the color is not the same is a reliable basis for identifying the printing plate. ;

Method of identification

It is possible to distinguish the shades of the printing plates by comparing the shades of the printing plate surface with the printing samples (or manuscripts) in the same place. For example, a figure painting can be identified based on the characteristics of portraits. Darker levels of hair and eyebrows are black editions; those with darker lips are red editions; those with deeper facial levels are yellow editions, etc. The other parts of the situation to determine.