Ink flow test method

1, principle

A certain volume of ink sample is expanded to a cylindrical diameter, expressed in millimeters, at a specified pressure for a certain period of time.

2, tools and materials

(1) Cone-shaped steel body with an adjustable wooden handle, 200mm long, 20mm at its widest point, and 8mm at its narrowest point.

(2) Glass plates 200 mm x 200 mm x 5 mm.

(3) Ethanol industrial use.

(4) Cotton yarn.

3, the instrument

(1) The flow tester consists of a mass of (200 ± 0.05) g and a fifth weight; a mass of (50 ± 0.05) g, a thickness of 5 to 6 mm, and a diameter of 65 to 70 mm; two round glass; metal fixing plates One composition.

(2) The capacity of the ink absorber is 0.1 mL.

(3) The scale of transparency is 1mm.

(4) Set the clock.

4, test conditions

The test shall be conducted at a temperature of (25 ± 1) °C and a relative humidity of 65% ± 5%.

5, inspection steps

(1) The ink sample and flow tester should be kept in a constant temperature room for 20 minutes in advance.

(2) Take 2~3g of the ink sample with a knife and transfer it on the glass plate 15 times (round trip once). With a suction tube to take a sample of 0.1mL, scrape the nozzle and the surrounding ink, so that the sample and the nozzle flush, the tube ink must not contain bubbles.

(3) Extrude the ink in the ink-absorbing tube, scrape the ink in the center of the circular glass plate in the metal fixed disk with a dip knife, and scrape off the residual ink of the ink-absorbing tube core and wipe it in the center of the upper round glass plate.

(4) Place the upper round glass piece on the round glass in the metal fixed plate so that the middle part of the ink overlaps, immediately press the weight, and start timing (note that the metal fixed plate remains horizontal).

(5) Remove the weight at 15min, measure the diameter of the ink circle with a transparency scale, and cross measure twice.

6, test results

The average of cross-measurements is fluidity data. If the difference in cross-measurement is greater than or equal to 2mm, the test must be repeated.