Italy's Benco Pack Introduces New Aseptic Filler

A few days ago, BENCO PACK, a subsidiary of the SACMI group, introduced a new aseptic filling machine, the Dosyflux filler.

The Dosyflux filler has already been adopted on the new generation of Benco machines. These Benco machines can be equipped with aseptic dosing units from 6000 per hour to 45,000 units per hour, with dosing volumes ranging from 100 to 1500 ml.

The launch of Dosyflux marks another step in Benco Pack's FFS technology, which will benefit both existing and potential customers. As a company dedicated to research and development and innovation, the secret of Benco Pack's success lies in the simplification of the production process - working in an aseptic environment. Simplification is the key factor. Simply means the number of parts that come into contact with the product. The less, thereby simplifying the aseptic packaging process. In addition, this process design concept also minimizes the wear rate of the machine components, which simplifies maintenance procedures and ensures accurate quantification.

This new type of aseptic filling machine with flow meter has many other advantages, one of which is the ability to directly change the number of products through the control panel, as well as sample monitoring of the amount of product per filling head. Test the accuracy of this unit directly online.

Benco also stated that Dosyflux is equally applicable to low-conductivity products or products with multi-size suspensions.