Cartridge operation and precautions

There are many types of ink cartridges in the market. After using the original ink cartridges, they are allowed to be refilled with other inks for continued use. The user can follow the instructions to print ink from the ink cans in the original tank, the vent holes, and the original ink. The ink tank is drilled and inked; however, if you want to successfully ink it, you must pay attention to the following operations:

Ink cartridge refilling operation Note 1: Make sure the filled ink cartridge is intact; currently, the use of the ink cartridge is rarely damaged in the market, but the user must learn to check the ink cartridge when refilling the original ink cartridge. Integrity; the specific test method is, if the bottom of the filling ink, found that there is a lot of resistance or ink leakage phenomenon, it shows that the ink cartridge is likely to be damaged, and later we can not carry out damage to the ink cartridge Filling ink;

Ink cartridge refilling operation Note 2: To use high-quality original ink to fill as much as possible, if the user purchases these false inks, not only does not work well, but also can damage the inkjet printer. Therefore, when everyone buys ink, if you really want to buy the original ink of the inkjet printer, you are advised to go to the maintenance center of the corresponding brand printer to ensure that it is true. If there is a problem, the repair center will have a way to help you solve it.

Cautions on the operation of ink cartridge refilling 3: Before refilling the ink, the original ink cartridge should be thoroughly cleaned. Otherwise, two different types of ink will be mixed to cause a chemical reaction, resulting in plug failure. Many users often use the printer's own program to clean the ink cartridges. In fact, this operation is not only time consuming, but also not clean enough; the correct method of operation is: when the first ink is added, three ink refill holes are opened. The piston, find a syringe, pure water into the cartridge, try not to let the water overflow, and then grab the entire cartridge by hand, and make the ink hole upward, gently shaking a few times, so that the remaining ink is fully dissolved In the added clean water; if excessive force during shaking may cause the liquid inside to overflow, then dry it with a paper towel or cloth in time to prevent it from infiltrating into the circuit board and cause a hardware failure, and then use a syringe. The mixed liquid in the ink cartridge is evacuated, so it is repeatedly operated several times until it is seen that the liquid to be extracted is very light in color; it is cleaned by using the procedure of cleaning the ink cartridge that comes with the printer;

Ink cartridge refilling operation Note 4: When filling the ink cartridges, it must be appropriate; Many users feel that the ink cartridges are filled with ink, the operation is more cumbersome, in order to save time, many people either do not give ink cartridges can ink, must It is full; in fact, if the ink is overfilled, it will not only cause the phenomenon of ink leakage during the use of the ink cartridge, but also the ink leaked from the ink cartridge is likely to wet the components inside the printer, which may cause the printer to be short-circuited or even Damage the printer! If you inadvertently infuse the cartridge with excessive ink, be sure to use some soft paper or other cotton cloth to gently suck the ink cartridge and the nozzle to absorb the excess ink. However, you must not use soft paper or other cotton cloth to wipe back and forth. Printer nozzle

Ink cartridge refilling operation Note 5: Select ink ink to fill as much as possible, so that the effect after filling will be a bit better; because the ink on the market has ink and ink, the ink is oily, and the ink is water quality. General ink cartridges are ink for the original ink, and the cheaper ink on the market is generally the water quality of the ink, these inks are only a dozen to twenty yuan, and substitute inks to about fifty yuan; printing ink after filling the handwriting The outline is very clear;

Cautions for Ink Cartridge Refilling 6: After filling the cartridge with ink, it is best not to put the cartridge back into the cartridge holder immediately, because many cartridges contain sponge mats that absorb ink, and sponge pads absorb ink. The speed is relatively slow, so that the ink tank cannot be evenly absorbed by the sponge pad after being fed into the ink cartridge. Therefore, before returning the ink cartridge to the ink cartridge holder, it is better to allow the ink cartridge to stand still for a few minutes first so that the ink can slowly penetrate the sponge. All corners of the pad to ensure the final print quality. On the contrary, if everyone puts the canned ink cartridge back into the cartridge holder immediately, there will certainly be an air gap between the nozzle and the sponge pad, and this gap will make it difficult for the ink in the ink cartridge to flow smoothly out of the nozzle. , This will often appear in the print, print breakage or a color lack of fault phenomenon;

The ink cartridge refill operation precautions 7: should avoid the cartridge is exposed to the air for a long time and produce dry clogging phenomenon, despite the method of cleaning it; if the use of high-quality ink, we should be after the ink cartridge is about to finish the ink cartridge The ink is immediately filled, and the ink is printed immediately after the ink is filled; some of the ink will mix with the original ink remaining in the ink cartridge to cause some changes to clog the print head; if the printer is not used temporarily, the print head may be placed in a dedicated print head storage box. Among them, special rubber pads can block the air and keep the nozzles wet for a long time;

Ink cartridge refill operation precautions 8: If the ink cartridge and the print head are integrated, then when refilling the ink cartridge, be sure to protect the nozzle on the ink cartridge from harm, otherwise the nozzle will be blocked or damaged. It cannot be used repeatedly. In addition, due to the frequent use of the ink cartridge, the nozzle may be blocked by the splattered paper fibers, resulting in poor output of the nozzle. Therefore, it is very necessary to periodically clean the nozzle. When cleaning the nozzle, wet ink should be used as much as possible. Paper towels and cotton-free tissues lightly wash the edges of the nozzles without touching the nozzles, and then use the cleaning button on the control panel of the inkjet printer to perform cleaning operations on the nozzles until the printout is clear.

Ink cartridge refilling operation precautions 9: In the inkjet ink cartridge refill, many primary users will choose to ink prompts the ink to run out of the case; but for those who do not have the ink indicator of the old ink jet printer For example, ink can't be replaced according to the printer's prompts, but most of these ink-jet ink cartridges are transparent, so you can change the ink by eye observation, specifically by eye observation. The amount of ink remaining in the cartridge is used to determine when ink is added. The ink cartridge is usually filled when there is still 10% remaining ink; if the remaining amount of ink cannot be observed, only the final printing effect can be observed. As long as there is a disconnection in the printed page, ink should be added to the cartridge.

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