New Breakthrough in Medical Glass Bottle Technology

New breakthroughs in pharmaceutical glass bottle technology are expected to be upgraded

The widely used medicinal glass bottles for pharmaceutical packaging products have achieved new breakthroughs in technology. A new type of medicinal glass bottle, which can greatly reduce the precipitation of Al2O3, has made it possible for pharmaceutical companies to obtain new packaging materials.

On May 26th and May 28th, China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association organized the “Seminar on R&D and selection of medicinal glass materials” in Nanjing and Beijing respectively. The chairman of the French Pharmacopoeia Committee is also the “Packaging” of the European Pharmacopoeia Committee. Prof. Daniel Fehel of the Materials Group expert briefed the Chinese pharmaceutical industry on the main features of this medicinal glass bottle and its superior performance as a pharmaceutical packaging material.

It is understood that this new type of medicinal glass bottle was successfully developed by Saint-Cobain Company of France and is a kind of type I borosilicate glass. The main characteristic is that the content of Al2O3 in medicinal glass bottle composition is lower than that of ordinary type I medicinal glass bottle. A 50% reduction, and a corresponding increase in the content of silicon, thereby greatly reducing the precipitation of Al2O3. According to figures provided by experts, in the case of normal non-ionized water, this medicinal glass bottle even reduced Al2O3 by 75% in the calcium gluconate solution. This remarkable reduction in the Al2O3 precipitation makes it possible to obtain new packaging materials because this property is suitable for products that are sensitive to trace elements, such as enzymes or products without preservatives and moderators. Therefore, this medicinal glass bottle has great potential in the packaging of blood products, nutritional products, biological agents, and genetic engineering drugs.

Domestic pharmaceutical companies have paid great attention to this new type of medicinal glass bottle packaging products. Jing Ling, a Nanjing Jinling pharmaceutical preparation professional, told reporters that they will learn more about this product and carry out comparative tests. High-performance packaging materials are very valuable for packaging demanding drugs.

Cai Hong, secretary-general of the China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association, also stated that with the improvement of the overall level of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, the issue of how to choose proper packaging forms and packaging materials to ensure quality has gradually attracted the attention of the pharmaceutical industry. Although packaging in the areas of powder injection, infusion, freeze-drying, and biological preparations has made great progress, compared with foreign pharmaceutical industries, the impact of pharmaceutical packaging on the quality of pharmaceuticals in the domestic pharmaceutical industry is still relatively small, and therefore Chinese pharmaceutical packaging The association began to contact with relevant foreign institutions very early and invited experts with the latest technology to visit China and domestic pharmaceutical companies to discuss and discuss new packaging technologies and materials.

However, this new medical glass bottle has a higher price and is acceptable to Chinese pharmaceutical companies. For this, Zhu Bijun, a medical packaging professional, believes that the low-aluminum formulation, size, and strength of this medical glass bottle The stability of its energy is its most competitive advantage, especially in the use of blood preparation bottles on the absolute advantage. “China has had a long history of making glass bottles, but it still lacks technical advantages.” Zhu Bixi is very optimistic about this new product, and believes that it has unique features in formulating, smelting, bottle making and testing. Looking back at domestic products, "the price is unreasonably low, so how can we have the money to develop the technology?"

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