Complementary color simple calculation method

To calculate the complementary color of a color, first obtain the RGB value of the color and subtract 255 from your existing RGB value.

For example pure yellow: r255 g255 b0

Then by calculating r(255-255) g(255-255) b(255-0)

The complementary color is: r0 g0 b255 is pure blue

Note: Use only 255 (2 to the 8th power) in 8-bit channel mode, 65535 (2 to the 16th power) to subtract Photoshop for 16-bit channels.

The default is to use 8-bit channel mode. This mode can display 16.77 million colors (256 x 256 x 256) which exceeds the total number of colors that the human eye can distinguish (so it is also called true color). Therefore, higher channel levels do not make a difference to the naked eye. .

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