Several Quality Problems Should Be Noticed in Product Bar Code Printing

First, the barcode of the product must be unique

In the bar code application system, the differences in the prices of goods and products are identified by different product codes. If two different goods are identified by the same code, the computer system treats it as the same product, resulting in errors in scan settlement and confusion in management.

Second, the amplification factor

The magnification factor actually refers to the size of the product barcode. Too large a commodity barcode will occupy too much space for packaging patterns or printed text, and it is not practical. Too small a size may easily cause difficulties in printing and reading. Therefore, the size of the bar code should be appropriate. According to the size of the outer package of the product and the area allowed for printing, the magnification factor selected for the bar code of the product outer package should be within the range of 0.8-2.0, and the general amplification factor should be 0.9- 1.2, for the 0.8-0.9 bar code symbol, quality control is more difficult and should be used with caution.

Three, empty color collocation

The empty color match means whether the contrast between the bar's color and the substrate's color is in line with the standard. The bar code of a commodity is identified by a dedicated reading device relying on distinguishing the lightness, darkness, and width of the bar. Therefore, the greater the contrast between the bar and the empty bar, the better. In general, white is the bottom and black is the most ideal and safe color combination. Because the color itself can have a variety of changes, so in the choice of empty color match should grasp a principle: the empty color as bright as possible, the color as far as possible no blue, black components, color as deep as possible, the color should contain blue or black .

Fourth, the bar code printing position

The printing position of commodity barcodes should be based on the principle that bar code symbols are not deformed and are easy to read. The greater the change in the placement of the product barcode on the product package, the slower the rate at which the cashier looks for the bar code and settles through the scanner and the lower the retail efficiency, and therefore, the position of the product bar code should be standardized as much as possible. For ease of scanning and settlement, the bar code of the product should normally be printed on the "natural" underside of the outer package.

V. Truncation of commodity barcodes

In any degree, the truncation of the bar code symbol height of the product will affect the scanning and reading of the bar code. Therefore, the height of the product bar code symbol is strictly prohibited in principle.

Six, left and right blank areas

The size of the left and right blank area of ​​the product bar code symbol should be enough for the correct reading of the scanning device. It should be ensured that there are no characters, graphics, perforations, scratches, etc. in the left and right blank areas of the product barcode. At the same time, the printing position of the product barcode should be far from the edge of the outer packaging of the product to meet the requirements for the blank area of ​​the barcode.

Seventh, bar code printing on corrugated

Printing barcodes directly on corrugated paper should pay attention to dimensional accuracy issues. Due to uneven force during printing, the barcode deformed. This problem is usually solved by printing barcodes on other carriers and then attaching them to corrugated packaging.

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