Injection ampoule bottles use plastic materials in large quantities

Compared with the traditional filling method, the BFS blow-fill-seal triple technology has considerable advantages.

Whether it is a large-volume injection solution or a small-volume injection solution, whether it is a multi-dose ophthalmic drug or a single-dose ophthalmic drug, or an inhaled drug, these products leave a deep impression on the need to use plastic packaging in large quantities. container.

It is not surprising to use plastic packaging containers for the packaging of the above-mentioned liquids, because there are many factors that need to be considered when selecting packaging materials, such as quickness and convenience in handling, potential risks, avoidance of injuries, and safe and environmentally-friendly waste. Disposal and so on are the reasons that cause plastic packaging containers to be used in large quantities.

The typical glass ampule production process is as follows:
- Printing and labeling of empty glass ampoule bottles
- Cleaning and Sterilization of Empty Glass Ampoules
- Aseptic Filling and Sealing with Ampoule Filling Machine
-sterilization cabinet sterilization
- Blue dye leak detection
-an examination

There is a clear difference with the above method. The process of BFS blow-fill-seal is very simple:
Under aseptic conditions, plastic particles are molded, filled, and sealed in the mold. The ampoule container is then leak tested, checked, sterilized, and packaged.

As inventor of the BFS blow-fill-seal triple-in-one technology, rommelag Rohmgreg has further developed the design of ampoules. A very good example is the development of an ampoule with a Luer mouth that can be adapted to all small volume injections.

Ruthenium with Luer can bring obvious benefits to users. The head of the ampoule can be twisted off quickly, making the opening of the ampoule more convenient. Thanks to the unique ampoule/syringe connection system, needleless direct withdrawal of the drug solution can be performed using only the standard Luer taper syringe or a syringe with a Luer lock ring. Needle-free liquid extraction can eliminate the danger brought by the sharp needle tip. At the same time, the ampoule will completely collapse, ensuring that there is no residual liquid in the bottle. Another important feature is that the ampoule can be safely placed on the syringe before use, and the medical staff can easily identify different drugs to facilitate the safe management of the drug.

Simply put, the main advantages of plastic ampoules are:
- Liquid needle-free extraction
- Fingers will not cut or stab
- There is no glass, bacteria or plastic particles in the liquid
- No damage to the container during operation
- Easy storage and transportation -
- Safe, pollution-free disposal of waste

Figure 1: Gently shake the ampoule bottle and throw the liquid from the bottleneck into the bottle.
Figure 2: Hold the bottle in one hand, squeeze the bottle cap with your thumb and forefinger with the other index, and quickly twist the arrow mark to open the bottle cap.
Figure 3: Insert the syringe with Luer taper directly into the ampule.
Figure 4: Reverse the ampule and slowly withdraw the liquid.

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