Advanced Easy Technology

Consumers often want product packaging to be easy to open. Wearing a series of holes in the packaging material is one of the solutions, but it tends to weaken the packaging material too much, and the packaging is easily dispersed during distribution or retail display. Therefore, the use of easy tear strip technology is a more effective method. The tear tape can be placed anywhere on the package without damaging the package.

technical background

Narrow-stretch stretch film is a general tear strip product, including polypropylene stretch film. Some film tear strips are ribbed to provide enhanced lateral resistance when the edge of the tear strip is notched. Pressure-sensitive adhesives do not require heat treatment or other treatments, making the application of tear strips very simple. The user can remove the packaging material by tearing it along the tear strip and tearing it to the other end.

The traditional function of tear strip

The figure above shows the design of tear strips on common corrugated boxes, cardboard boxes, and some transparent film overwrap sheets.
The following figure shows an application example of a cardboard box:

Narrow strip tear strips are mostly packaged in yards, typically several kilometers long per roll.

Tear tapes often adhere to the surface of the package at an extremely rapid rate, generally prior to the punching and forming process. Short tear tape bonding techniques can also be used, which requires more specialized tear strip bonding equipment. The following figure shows a non-rotating platform with a tear tape winding type.

Traditional narrow-band tear strips can be applied to thin film packaging materials such as mobile phones and BOPP. However, such narrow band tear strips are often difficult to tear open such as low density polyethylene, linear low density polyethylene, or their coextruded composites as a tough, stretchable film. It is very difficult to drill holes in these thicker, stronger films to weaken them and to achieve easy opening.

Improved application of tear strip

The use of widened ribbed tear strips is a recent improvement in tear strip technology, which bonds to the inner surface of a high strength packaging film. The die-cut pull ring is attached to the inner surface of the ribbed tear strip. The ribs on the tear strip control the direction of tearing and the width of the tear. As a result, the opening of the package becomes simple and controllable, and the ribbed tear strip can also prevent the tear opening from expanding when tearing the high-strength packaging film.

This internal tear strip allows the high-strength shrink film and transparent plastic casing to be easily torn, but does not weaken the packaging material as the previously mentioned perforation scheme.

A small number of packaging films are very hard and often require a "double tape" structure for easy opening. This "double tape" structure can be achieved by some combinations. In the following example, a ribbed tear tape is used on the inner surface of the package, and a "double layer" structure such as BOPP is achieved using a film cover tape on the outer surface.

These ribbed tear strips are generally 12mm wide and are bonded by a long reel with a length of 1828 meters.

Easy-to-open technology application

Easy to open courier bag is an application of a new type of internal tear tape. High-strength films are difficult to open. If scissors or knives are used, they may break the contents of the courier bag. Although they can be easily opened by perforation, the bags are easy to loosen, especially for large packages. For example, clothes, it is easy to open the bag mouth, the loss of goods is inevitable. The inner surface of the easy-open courier bag has a ribbed tear tape, as shown below:

Another advantage of using controlled easy-open technology on courier bags is that it can be a reply courier bag. These courier bags have two adhesive tapes along the inside and a 12mm wide ribbed tear tape. Of course, perforated designs were used before, but they were abandoned due to their easy-openness. Traditional narrow-band tear strips are generally not suitable for use on high-strength films.

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