Haikou Survey: Plastic Products "QS" Lags Behind

From January 1st this year, 39 kinds of plastic packaging and containers for foods such as disposable plastic lunch boxes, plastic milk bottles, instant noodle bags, puffed food bags, and plastic cutting boards must obtain a production license before they can be produced. Printed with the "QS" logo. After the implementation of the new regulations, the reporter visited the wholesale food plastic packaging products market in Hainan's Boai Road South and some large supermarkets in Haikou yesterday and discovered that none of the plastic products such as disposable lunch boxes and disposable cups sold in the market were printed on the market. With the QS logo, many products still have certain safety risks.

When the reporter investigated the wholesale market of Boai South Road in Haikou yesterday, it discovered that the disposable plastic lunch boxes and disposable cups and other plastic products sold here did not pass the “QS” certification, but the store’s business was still hot.

In a shop, the reporter saw three or four different styles of disposable lunch boxes, ranging in price from four to six yuan. The outer packaging of these lunch boxes was covered with a lot of dust, and they smelled of odors when they were carefully scrutinized. The reporter observed that there were no “QS” signs for the four styles of lunch boxes sold at this store, and no production date was indicated.
The reporter found on the road that a shop selling edible plastic products was attached to a company. The food plastic products distributed by these shops were mainly fast food boxes, plastic bags, and cling film.

In response, the reporter asked the female owner of the shop. The female owner said, "We are buying cheap and affordable goods here, and we haven't got QS certification. That kind of product can only be bought in big supermarkets."

Later, the reporter went to a large supermarket on Haixiu Road. On the shelves of the supermarket, there are a wide variety of products such as cups, lunch boxes and plastic wraps. The packaging is exquisite and the price is higher than that of Boai South Road. However, the reporter found that these goods are not printed with the QS logo.

Subsequently, the reporter visited several supermarkets and discovered that the disposable cutlery and cling film sold had not yet been printed with the QS logo.

In this regard, many citizens have called on relevant departments to take measures to regulate the market as soon as possible so that the public can purchase safe disposable plastic tableware.

Haikou citizen Ms. Wang said that there are many kinds of plastic products for foods that are on the market today. There are many kinds of plastic products, some are qualified products, and more are inferior products. In the face of these dazzling products, it is difficult for the public to discern. Since there are uniform standards such as the “QS” logo, relevant departments should remove the unmarked products as soon as possible to ensure the health of the public.

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