The occurrence and overcoming of five-layer flat-rolled defective products in steel drums (5)

The occurrence and overcoming of five-layer flat-rolled defective products in steel drums (5)

Thirteen, the outer side irregularly draws the groove mark (Figure 13)
This kind of problem does not happen often, and it often appears on the horizontal sealing machine with high production capacity. Malformation caused by arc wear in the seal wheel. Malformed wear of the seal wheel: one due to its own material problems, and two due to poor heat treatment.
The heat-treated wheel should be hard and uniform in hardness. After a period of use, the entire arc wear becomes wide, and in the case of a poorly heat-treated wheel, a certain portion thereof first grinds out a grooved shape and is irregular. The curling edge is continuously cut during the completion of the entire operation of the roll sealing wheel, and the shape seen in the figure appears after flattening. Sometimes the operator thinks that there is a problem with the flattening wheel. Actually, it should be stopped to check the arc of the sealing wheel and find the problem and replace it in time.
Fourteen, horizontal gaps (Figure 14)
The transverse gap has a gap in the coil layer that does not meet the process standard.
This problem is related to the curved design of the roll seal wheel, sometimes on steel drums with thicker materials, such as a 1.25 mm 200 liter steel drum. When the revolving arc R of the reeling wheel design is small and the slope of the sloping arc is high, the steel plate should suddenly bend back within a small recurve arc, and the resistance increases, causing plastic deformation and flattening. A transverse gap occurs after the wheel is pushed.
At the same time, it should be pointed out that the slower the rotation speed of the sealing machine and the faster the feeding speed of the sealing wheel, the more obvious this problem occurs. Therefore, the arc-shaped design of the sealing wheel should be improved at this time, and the connection with the speed of the equipment should be adjusted, and the feed speed of the sealing wheel should be taken into consideration. Solving this problem is more complicated than solving other defects.

Fifteen, bump damage (Figure 15)
This defect refers to the impact of the top end of the finished product barrel on the high-speed rotating shrink disk, causing a local deformation.
The domestic old-fashioned horizontal sealing machine, when the barrel is sealed, the one side of the equipment is separated, and the rotating barrel is slowly rolled down from the other side of the sealing disc, and is transported away by the chain conveyor. But sometimes, the operator wants to speed up the production. When the box is just separated, the other end of the barrel is not allowed to leave the roll-up tray, and the chain conveyor is pressed, and the barrel is suddenly tilted out. One end hits the shrink disk of the separation box, and the damage is mostly the top of the curl. Overcome the method: Correct the incorrect operation method in time.
Sixteen, super thick or super wide (circle 16)
This defect is common in everyday production. Ultra-thickness and extra-wideness can affect the performance of the steel drum and cause leakage. The curling is extremely thick, which increases the gap between the vertical planes of the rolled layer, and the extra wide can increase the two gaps above and below.
When the winding seal is loose, the ultra-wide defect may occur when the flattening wheel is tight, and the extra-thickness defect occurs. Both of the above problems are caused by human factors, and the technical level of the operators should be improved and the product inspection work should be strengthened.
It should be pointed out that the use of the reeling wheel is too long, and the wear and tear increase the arc to widen, which can also cause the wider problem. At this time, the reeling wheel should be replaced.

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