In-depth investigation: Will the glass bottled beverage be withdrawn?

Origin: Glass bottles to be delisted?

Shenyang citizen Li Chen recently found that the beverages in many small and medium-sized restaurants had changed, especially the kind of glass bottle beverages that were common. It was rarely seen. “The price of a bottle is generally 1.5 yuan and the highest is 2 yuan. Everyone likes it very much, especially women. The price is not high. Drinking is just right. Sprites, Fanta, Coca-Cola and others are all brands that are very fond of drinking. However, many restaurants are no longer selling glass bottles. Drinks, some restaurants say, because manufacturers no longer produce. Mr. Li is still quite accustomed to this.

He said that not because the price is cheap to drink this kind of drink, there is a nostalgic feeling there, as a "post-70s", the kind of novelty that started when drinking Coke was unforgettable.

Hotel is hard to find bottle drinks

During the interview, the reporter found that the beverages provided by small and medium-sized restaurants are now mostly plastic bottles, which are divided into small plastics, plastics, and large plastics. The price of small plastics is generally around 4 yuan in hotels. Only in some schools, small shops, canteens, small restaurants and other places with low spending power, but also to see the glass bottle drinks.

A beverage seller who surnamed Han told reporters that the glass bottle drinks had previously also dominated the food and beverage industry, but some manufacturers did reduce their production volume. This is because glass bottle drinks are not widely available for sales compared to plastic bottle drinks. Liao Chen, the boss of Daxin District Yongxin Hotel, said that consumers now feel that glass bottles are not graded.

The manufacturer denied that the delisting is just a change of packaging

Will glass bottles be withdrawn from the market? The reporter interviewed relevant persons of Shenyang Coca-Cola Beverage Co., Ltd. yesterday. The other party stated that their glass bottles did not stop production but only changed packaging.

According to an industry source, the capacity of the new packaging glass bottle has been increased from the original 250 ml to 300 ml, and the style and appearance have also changed significantly. The newly packaged 300 ml glass bottle will completely replace the 250 ml glass bottle sales market. In the process of changing the packaging, some stock-out situations may occur. According to media reports, some of the city's newly packaged drinks have already been on the market, and the retail price has been uniformly adjusted to 1.5 yuan from the original one yuan. It is understood that for beverage manufacturers, the use of glass bottles is also facing cost problems, glass bottles are easily damaged, high transportation costs, so beverage manufacturers are mostly reduced the use of plastic packaging.

During the interview, the reporter found that in addition to Coca-Cola, Fanta and other glass bottled drinks, there are other brands of glass bottled drinks are also sold in some restaurants, for the phenomenon of Coca-Cola and other glass bottle drinks began to change packaging, Hongbaolai Co., Ltd. A related person said that it has no effect. According to industry sources, glass bottle drinks will not disappear in the market for a period of time, especially for some brand-name glass bottle drinks. Manufacturers are expected to adopt a similar way to change packaging to recapture the market.

Reproduced please specify: Chinese bottle net

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