Woodworking machinery safety knowledge

Woodworking machinery and equipment are dangerous machinery. In order to complete the processing of wood, woodworking machinery has higher cutting speed and sharper cutting edge than general metal cutting machine tools, so woodworking machinery is more likely to cause injury accidents than general metal cutting machine tools.

(1) Causes of woodworking machinery accidents. There are four main reasons for the occurrence of woodworking machinery accidents.

1. The working speed of the working machine shaft of the wood machinery is very high, the turning inertia is large, and it is difficult to brake. In order to stop the motor as soon as possible after the motor stops, the operator is often accustomed to braking with a hand or a wooden stick, often causing a hand injury due to inadvertent contact between the hand and the rotating tool.

2. Woodworking machinery mostly uses manual feeding, which is the reason for the latent injury. When the hand pushes the wood into the feeding, due to the thrift, bending or other defects, the hand and the cutting edge are unconsciously contacted, causing a cut or even a broken finger.

3. The woodworking machinery has a high rotation speed, and the uneven wood is processed. The noise is large during the cutting process, the vibration is large, the labor intensity of the workers is large, and the fatigue is easy. These factors are easy to cause the operator to make mistakes and cause damage.

4. The operator is not familiar with the performance and safe operation technology of woodworking machinery, or does not operate according to the safe operating procedures. In addition, the woodworking machinery equipment does not have safety guards installed or the safety guards fail, which is very likely to cause injury accidents.

(2) Measures to prevent woodworking machinery accidents. There are five main measures to prevent woodworking machinery accidents:

1. All kinds of woodworking machinery and equipment should be equipped with effective braking devices, safety protection devices and dust collecting and chip removal devices.

2. During the use of woodworking machinery and equipment, it must be ensured that no harmful vibration is generated when using any tool at any cutting speed. The bearings mounted on the cutter shaft and the mandrel rotate at a high speed, and the axial clearance should be Too large to avoid danger during operation.

3. All exposed belt pulleys, turntables, rotating shafts, etc., should have a protective cover.

4. The cutter shaft and the electric appliance should have an interlocking device to avoid accidental contact with the power button and cause the tool to rotate and cause injury when the tool is removed and replaced.

5. Wherever possible, an automatic feeding device shall be installed for all woodworking machinery.

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