Picking up the furniture for the elderly

Relatively speaking, older people spend more time in their homes than other members of the family. How to buy furniture that suits them and make them live healthier and more happy? People of different ages have different requirements for the living environment, and the requirements for furniture are more different. Among them, children and the elderly are the most obvious. The furniture configuration of the elderly is simple and practical, and should be placed against the wall as much as possible. Do not change the position frequently. Older people have more inconvenience in their legs and feet, and some angular furniture is not used as much as possible to avoid hurting the elderly. Older people should not climb or squat, so those over-the-top cabinets or furniture with drawers below the knees should not be purchased.


The table for the elderly should not be too high or too low. Excessively high tables can easily lead to muscle fatigue, scoliosis, and decreased vision in the elderly. The elderly who have been on the long-term basis will suffer from cervical hypertrophy and other diseases due to cervical and lip-like hyperplasia. A table that is too low will make the elderly feel uncomfortable with writing, shoulder fatigue, chest tightness, and difficulty in sitting up.


For the elderly, the chair and bench should be equipped with a backrest to support the human spine, to maintain balance of muscle strength and reduce fatigue. The width of the backboard and the seat of the chair should also be moderate, otherwise the temperature of the foot will be lowered due to obstruction of blood circulation after sedentary, which is detrimental to the health of the body.


The bed of the old man should not be too high, so as not to be inconvenient to go to bed. Soft beds such as spring beds are not suitable for the elderly, especially for the elderly with lumbar muscle strain and bone hyperplasia, which often exacerbates their symptoms. Many elderly people like Simmons, wire beds, and brown trampolines. They think these beds are soft and comfortable, which can reduce fatigue. actually not. These beds have poor air permeability and long-term sleep, which also makes the spine curved, the symptoms of strain increase, and the waist is painful. In order to prevent and treat lumbar pain, it is best to choose a wooden bed. It is better to thicken the mattress with a hard mattress or a hard bed. When used, a thicker cotton pad can be added to the board to make it softer, which not only makes the elderly lie more comfortable, but also keeps the spine in a straight state. Bedding should be chosen to keep warm, and the sheets and quilts should be made of natural materials such as cotton.


Older people should not be too low when purchasing a sofa, otherwise they will find it difficult to sit down and stand. Old people with low back pain should buy pillows and feel comfortable when sitting and help to eliminate fatigue. Similarly, sofas for the elderly should not be too soft. When the person sat up, they fell into the sofa, feeling like the sofa where the whole person was hugged, and it was not suitable for the elderly. Such sofas often make them feel struggling when they stand up.

The furniture of the old man is very particular. It is good for people to have a body that is in the same direction as the north and south poles of the earth during sleep. Therefore, the placement of the elderly in bed should be consistent with the direction of the North and South. Beds, loungers, sofas, etc., for the elderly to rest and sit for a long time, do not place the furniture facing the door and window, in case the elderly are cold when resting. In addition, it is best to lay carpets in the elderly's living room to prevent the old man from falling due to inconvenience caused by legs and feet or sudden fainting.

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