Target's ClearRx bottle identification system inspired

Target's ClearRx bottle identification system is one of my favorite user experience cases. This product was launched four years ago by Target, because it uses a revolutionary design that is very different from traditional medicine bottles, leaving competitors far behind. ClearRx system has a very good design, clear font layout, clever color recognition, and easier to read flat bottle.

What many people don't realize is that any company will have good design work, even those companies that seem to be out of the ordinary and outstanding design. The difference, however, is that Target can bring such great designs to the lives of the general public. Anyone who wishes to convey a good experience can benefit from the ClearRx story.

1. Make a prototype in advance

ClearRx's story began when its designer Deborah Adler attended the School of Visual Arts. When Adler heard that his grandmother had mistakenly eaten his grandfather's medicine, she chose to redesign the bottle as her doctoral thesis. Adler then called his design achievement SafeRx. After graduating, she promoted her design. She later found Target.

At Target, Deborah Adler introduced his business plan, then explained the features of the new pill bottle with a simple PPT list, and she then demonstrated it with a prototype. She explained it sensibly. Pills can (and should) be like that. If she does not use the prototype to show, she will not get the attention of Target. A good prototype can make people gather under this idea.

Adler's prototype was later used as a beacon in development and North Star. Although the final bottle design is very different, it still inherits all the essence of the original design.

2. Ready to accept hardship

Because ClearRx seems to be exactly Target's product style, you may think that the design process is very short, and in fact they spent a year, during which a very large number of resource coordination work.

In order to allow its own supply chain to be produced, Target has redesigned and perfected the shape of the bottle – for example, removing the color logo on the label (the color printer is too expensive to be equipped with each pharmacy). The colored circle at the bottleneck; In order to mark personal information on each bottle, the IT system, especially the customer relationship management and sales terminal parts, needs to undergo a major upgrade. Hundreds of pharmacists must be trained in the new system; the company must also step up marketing efforts to promote this new approach.

I have seen countless examples of failures to improve the user experience because companies are reluctant to invest in the deepest and most cost-effective experience. Sometimes this is because of the lack of motivation, but more often because of the company's decision-making process. Some ClearRx-like products go through dozens (if not hundreds) of decision points and “reviews” from R&D to implementation, and any one of these points can cause product failure or significant compromise changes. I am always in awe of having such a good product to be available for sale. One of the reasons, as mentioned earlier, is the power of the prototype. The second reason is to successfully communicate the experience to users.

3. Combine own brand value

Target's mission is: "Transmit extraordinary value, continue to innovate, create a superior user experience, always fulfill the promise of high quality and low price, and become the user's favorite shopping store." ClearRx if it is in Wal-Mart or US retail (CVS) sales will not be successful because it reduces the product's variability, and ClearRx's sale at Target's own retail store is a very powerful joint, and such a powerful joint provides the tower. The power required by Jet has enabled Target to invest heavily in the company's hard journey from prototype to implementation.

You can't easily convey a good user experience, because when you want to launch any great new experience, you will face great difficulties. Before you can deliver any experience, you must understand the nature of the experience and its Is it suitable for your own brand?

4. User experience builds on employees

Deborah Adler said in an interview “what created ClearRx?” “Pharmacists are the most important to us because they are at the forefront. They need to explain to customers how to use this new product. "For me, this is what Herb Kelleher, the founder of Southwest Airlines, said: "If you create an environment where people really get involved, then you don't have to control. People know they need to You will do what you do, and the more they voluntarily and the more they give, the less they need to manage and control."

Many, if not most, service companies are unwilling to abandon their control of the experience, so they control employees who deal directly with customers. This is because front-line employees are at the lowest level of the company and companies cannot trust these people to do the right thing. Therefore, the company allows employees to abide by the rules and obey the regulations. The employees are treated as automatic execution procedures. However, companies that focus on communicating user experience will appreciate the important work of front-line employees and empower them to build a good user experience.

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