Metal packaging screen printing design features

In recent years, with the development of China's economy, the market has become increasingly demanding for packaging. For metal packaging, the screen printing process has become increasingly popular. Especially for metal packaging drum products, screen printing has become an important way for the industry to increase product quality, and has been widely adopted in China.

The screen printing of metal packaging is a kind of special packaging printing. It is a screen printing method using hard materials unique to metal packaging products as substrates. The printing materials mainly include tinplate (tinned steel sheet), chrome-plated steel sheet, Galvanized steel sheet, cold-rolled carbon steel sheet, hot-rolled carbon steel sheet, etc., there are special packaging materials such as aluminum, stainless steel and other materials.

Metal packaging screen printing is an integral part of the production process of metal packaging. It is a sign for packaging content and contains certain advertising and advertising ingredients. Therefore, in order to arouse the desire of consumers to purchase and increase the sales value of goods, as a sales promotion method, novel design of binding and exquisite printing should be carried out. Thus, the screen printing of metal packaging becomes more important.

First, the performance characteristics of screen printing metal packaging

1. Physical properties and characteristics of screen printed metal materials

Metal packaging materials generally have good heat transfer, electrical conductivity, high mechanical strength, and are ideal materials for metal packaging. Because of its good ductility, it is easy to cut, punch, bend, stretch and other processing. What is more important is that metal packaging materials can withstand various forms of processing and can meet the decorative functions of various packaging.

2. Technical requirements for screen printing on metal materials

1 Straightness: The metal sheet must not be warped

2 Surface roughness: The surface of the metal sheet should be free of mechanical scratches, scratches, bumps, rough stripes, and other surface roughness.

3 Cleanliness: The printed surface of metal packaging should be clean and free of oil, dust, water marks and other unclean phenomena.

3, printing adaptability requirements

1The good processability and styling design diversity of metal packaging materials

Metal packaging materials have good mechanical properties and processing, molding properties, metal packaging containers can achieve new, unique design, create a variety of special-shaped barrels, cans, boxes and other packaging containers to achieve the purpose of beautifying goods to improve the competitiveness of goods .

2 colorful, rich layers, good visual effect

Metal packaging such as tin plate, because the surface of the tin layer, with a flash of color effects, and then through the background color printing, printing graphics is more vivid. For tin-free steel or other metal materials, special flash effects can be reproduced after screen printing by surface treatment and painting.

3 is conducive to the realization of the use of goods and artistic unification

The good performance of metal packaging materials and the good abrasion resistance and durability of screen printing ink not only create the conditions for unique design and exquisite screen printing, but the decoration of metal packaging surfaces not only makes the packaging more beautiful, Moreover, the value of the metal package itself can be greatly improved, and the durability and maintainability of the product can be improved, and the use value and artistic unity of the product can be better reflected.

4 important means to reduce costs

By means of screen printing, the production process of certain metal packaging products (steel drums, etc.) has been changed or simplified, reducing production costs.

Due to the above reasons, the screen printing of metal packaging has been rapidly developed in recent years.

Second, metal packaging screen printing design features

Packaging is a concentrated expression of product features, and it is a product's eye-catching face. A high-quality packaging can not only reflect the face of the era of science and technology, reflect the modern aesthetic, but also show the high-tech value of the product. Therefore, to improve the functional design, modeling design and decorative design of packaging, and to use appropriate technological means is the goal pursued by the packaging industry today.

At present, the use of screen printing methods to produce metal packaging graphics has become an important means, because screen printing has a unique performance, a variety of types of ink, ever-changing colors, are free to choose. Therefore, to improve the design and process level to create a new metal packaging screen printing. The specific approach is as follows:

(1) Modeling proportion: The proportion of graphic and graphic modeling of metal packaging products is closely related to the structure, overall shape and layout of the content products. With the development of the times and the change of aesthetics, the ratio of packaging modeling is also constantly increasing. Variety.

(2) Layout design: The design of the various functions of the metal packaging surface should be reasonable and provide consumers with the greatest convenience. The design of the pattern is implied by profound meaning, which represents both the nature of the product and the production unit. Pattern design should pay attention to the following aspects: 1 It should have long-term use, and should not be changed frequently; 2 Concise and eye-catching, can leave a deep impression on people; 3 Has a unique and novel style; 4 Reflect the characteristics and nature of the product .

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