Pigment ink development history - The difference with dye ink

One mentioned ink-jet printers have to say ink, because the ink most directly affects the quality and cost of printing, but consumers will find ink pigment ink and dye ink in the two when the product is purchased, then in the end is selected pigment ink Good or dye ink? Today, I would like to share with you the past information based on the evaluation experience:

In fact, the debate over the pros and cons between pigment inks and dye inks has been long overdue. The chemical composition of the two inks has dictated the trend in the process of their use. In fact, two kinds of ink are also divided into two camps due to different printing technologies: piezoelectric printing technology (pigment ink) and thermal foam printing technology (dye ink).

The characteristics of the dye ink is that the dye completely dissolves into the solution, and the dye can penetrate into the color of the paper when printed. Due to the ability to infiltrate the paper, the ink droplets can exhibit a more delicate tone in an overlapping manner. If the nozzle is small enough, the dye ink is very excellent in the continuity of the photo printing, so the dye ink is often used to be high. Quality photo printing, but it has a drawback - water resistance and lightfastness are weak, and it is easy to worry when printing on plain paper.

The characteristics of pigment inks are that the pigment particles are dispersed in the solution in the form of particles. In the image, the pigment ink is like a powder. It grinds the solid pigment into very fine particles and dissolves in special aqueous solvents. The pigments used in the clothing are relatively close. In contrast to the principle of the dye ink penetrating into the paper and forming a color, it is colored by the color material attached to the surface of the medium. Characteristics are not easy to pick paper, and water resistance and lightfastness are both strong, fatal drawback is that today's pigment ink technology is not very successful, so the particles are relatively strong compared to dye ink, the color transition is not enough fine to print photos is very serious problem.

In fact, many of the details of the evaluation of the printer can not give readers a quantitative comparison of numbers and make the test results often questioned. This is inevitable. There are two test items in the ZOL inkjet printer test process that are difficult to weigh. One is called "Dip ink test" and the other is called "Printing accuracy." Documents printed by printers using pigment ink have almost no ink bleeding due to the high chemical stability of the ink, but pigment inks tend to be inferior due to the more noticeable ink graininess when testing the printing accuracy. The results obtained in these two tests are the opposite.

However, dye ink technology is already very mature. We can see compatible dye inks everywhere, and it is difficult to make breakthroughs in technology. On the contrary, pigment inks are continuously pursuing finer particles due to coarser particles, and the technology is not absolutely mature, so pigment inks are more practical and excavable.

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