Transformers toy purchase simple guide

Some simple definitions:

1, G1 ─ Generation 1, refers to the Transformers who had a boom in the 80s, this abbreviation frequently appeared in major toy forums. If you see something like "G1 Transformers", it means those antique toys.

2, DW - Japan's Takara company's replica of the Transformers toy, the official name is "Transformer Collection". It is called the DW series because the illustrations on the front of its toy box carry the characteristics of DW comics.

3, Mei Fu - the replica of the Transformers toy developed by Hasbro Corporation of the United States.

4, Rehabilitation - Japan's Takara company's replica series developed outside the DW series, characterized by packaging close to the old version.

5, CE ─ Collection Edition, another replica of the Transformers toy developed in Japan, the original color version, the later are color-changing version, the so-called development of new characters. The feature is that the packaging is close to the old version, but the market is expensive.

For newcomers' suggestions:

If the financial resources are general, it is recommended to start from the United States. This series has experienced price fluctuations in the early stage and is currently in the regression period, generally between 200-300, but the early main players have higher prices.

Want to receive a complete series, I strongly recommend DW, DW packaging, inserts are very distinctive, the quality of toys is also good. Only after a few years, DW has developed into 22 roles, and the price of some characters has risen outrageously, so I want to accept this series of friends, but also rely on a little fate.

If you are particularly rich, then accept G1 directly, the perfect unfinished (MISB) G1 toy (I ignore the so-called bulk G1 toy without packaging), its value-keeping ability is no less than gold. But who is willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy a toy that can not be removed, like the Buddha, but also always pay attention to the small fluctuations of the small King Kong collection market, ready to sell?

The CE series is a freak. I have sighed a 380 CE toy many times before I bought it in front of me. It has risen to about 1000 in a year. CE is like a new house in Shanghai. If you miss this wave, you will not be able to catch up. However, the current listing price of CE is not cheap, and the same type of role is generally 200. Indeed, the hype has already begun.

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