Fuji Xerox introduces two new color network printing products

Fuji Xerox, the world's leading file management expert, announced the launch of two new color network printing products: the DocuPrint C1190 FS A4 color network laser machine and the DocuPrint C2120 A4 color network laser printer. The two new products are based on the needs of users of small and medium-sized work groups, and have injected effective and practical functions. The introduction of new products, in the consolidation of Fuji Xerox color printing market leadership at the same time, more users to provide a new era of efficient color office network era.

The DocuPrint C1190 FS combines color printing, copying, scanning, and fax into one, and is a color network laser machine that has the fastest color printing and copying speed and the largest memory in its class. The DocuPrint C1190FS print/copy speeds are 12 pages of color/minute and 16 pages of black/white/minute with an output resolution of 600 x 600 dpi. It is equipped with a 400 MHz processor and 384MB large-capacity memory, which greatly improves work efficiency.

The DocuPrint C2120 FS has a rich set of features to simplify office file management: it has an intelligent color scan feature that can send scanned files directly to an e-mail address, FTP server, or network folder; its "direct fax" feature eliminates the need for special faxes The software can send faxes directly from the PC; the "Secure Print and Receive Faxes" function can password-protect fax and print files. In addition, the unique card copying function of the DocuPrint C1190FS makes it easy to copy the front and back sides of the card onto a single sheet of paper. The feature-rich design of the DocuPrint C1190FS provides small and medium-sized workgroup users with an efficient and convenient color multifunctional solution.

The DocuPrint C2120 is a color network laser printer launched by Fuji Xerox for users of small and medium-sized work groups in the same period. It can realize the rare double-sided printing function in the similar products. It comes with 256 MB of print memory and prints at 18 pages of color/minute and 20 pages of black and white/minute. The product has 600 × 600dpi print resolution, with "natural effect enhancement", "three-dimensional color mapping" and "direct transfer" three major functions and technologies to ensure high-quality color output. In addition, the DocuPrint C2120 has powerful security features that ensure high confidentiality of printed documents in a multi-user environment. At the same time, this product can also set the number of print and color print permissions, so as to achieve effective cost control and management.

It is worth mentioning that adhering to the environmental protection philosophy that Fuji Xerox has consistently adhered to, both new products have adopted Fuji Xerox's patented EA-HG Advanced Emulsion Polymerized Toner to reduce the toner wear rate and carbon dioxide while improving print quality. Emissions greatly reduce the impact on the environment.

Fuji Xerox has always been dedicated to helping users improve office productivity and file quality as the industry's most abundant color printing product line. Fuji Xerox launched two new color network printing products, with its rich and practical features and reliable performance so that SMEs work more efficient "color", in helping users improve their competitiveness, but also will further speed up the domestic SMEs Users enter the era of color network office!

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