Introduction and Selection of Dividing and Die-cutting Parts of Gravure Printing Machine

1, line die-cutting.

The professional configuration of the cigarette bag gravure printing machine generally includes a wire-cutting die-cutting device, and at the same time, the embossing, the indentation and the die-cutting cylinder are matched according to the needs of the product. The main advantages of this type of configuration are: to realize unwinding, printing, and die-cutting at one time, efficient and efficient; to save investment in subsequent processes, and to have a short production cycle; less paper deformation, accurate overprinting, and low reject rate during the processing. stable quality. The main disadvantages are: one-time investment of the three sets of rollers is large; limited by the position, size, and variety of three sets of rollers, the product has poor flexibility, and is only suitable for large-volume products; the speed of the die-cutting drum limits the speed of the entire production line. Relatively low; due to only a single printing process such as gravure printing, the price and quality of printed products are low.

The key to wireline die cutting is embossing, creasing and die cutting three rollers. The die-cutting cylinder is divided into shearing and pressure-cutting. If a shearing drum is used, a complete paper-reeler is needed to flatten the product after die-cutting. Otherwise, the use of the packaging machine will be affected, and the pressure-cutting drum does not need such a device. . Due to the limitations of the roller, the details of the packaging machine type and product size should be fully considered in the product design process. Once the die-cutting roller is shaped, it is difficult to change. Sometimes it is necessary to target a user, a model, or even One product, equipped with a die-cutting drum. The indentation roller is more adaptable to the product and the embossing roller must change with the product.

2, connecting the big sheet cut.

With the diversification of the printing process, the large sheet slitting method is derived from the die-cutting on the basis of wire-cutting, that is, directly cutting the gravure-printed product into a large sheet. Its main advantages are: improvement on the basis of wire-cutting die-cutting, less investment and equipment changes, and the ability to continue processing of gravure-printed products, enabling a variety of printing processes. The main disadvantages are: the on-line slitting accuracy is poor, generally more than ± 0.20mm, which has a greater impact on the next process. Therefore, generally after a large sheet slitting, an additional process is added to sort the slitted products. This can solve the problem of inconsistent slitting locations resulting from poor slitting accuracy and thus affect the overprinting of the next pass printing process, but it also increases The product specifications are more troublesome. Now, this kind of slitting method is subject to great restrictions in the process of use. Many manufacturers use it only when it is a last resort. Under normal circumstances, they try to adjust the printing process as much as possible to reduce the overprinting limit with the next process and fundamentally improve the process. The applicability of large sheet slitting.

3, rewinding method.

The rewinding method is one of the most previously configured methods for gravure printers, but with the wide application of die-cutting die-cutting, this method is rarely used. In the past two years, with the multi-process and multi-process development of cigarette packs, the rewinding method has gradually gained attention. Each type of cigarette pack is more complicated to decorate, which requires that other processes can be continued after the gravure printing process, and the large sheet slitting method cannot fundamentally solve the overprinting accuracy required for the next process, and it will be printed after printing. Rolls, and then use the high-precision cutting machine with high cutting accuracy, can guarantee the accuracy of overprint between the various processes. The main advantages of the rewinding method: It can greatly improve the working efficiency of the printing press; It can adapt to the diversification of products and the diversification of the printing process. Disadvantages of rewinding method: quality testing is difficult, once the loss of quality problems is large; when the varnish is not dried sufficiently, “back sticking” phenomenon occurs easily; the deformation of the paper in the outer layer and the inner layer of the paper roll is inconsistent, and the paper is prone to local Deformation affects the overlay accuracy.

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