SIG Combibloc: FSC certification for all European plants

Recently, according to the standards set by the International Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), all European packaging companies of the SlG Combibloc have passed the CoC certification. With the FSCCoC certificate, SIG Combibloc became one of the first producers of aseptic carton packs that are allowed to be labeled "FSCMiX" on the packaging. According to FSC Chain of Custody standards, this label on the packaging indicates that all the wood fibers used are traceable throughout the value chain - from labelled cartons to native forests. The label also indicates that the amount of wood used to produce carton packs has reached the prescribed amount from forests that have been FSC certified and managed to the highest standards. "FSCMix" indicates that the product raw material comes from a well-managed and controlled forest source. Michael Hecker, Head of Environment, Health and Safety at SIG Combibloc, said: "In order to ensure that all cartons come from sustainably managed forests, we are committed to achieving FSC standards for all packaging plants worldwide. Today, all European factories Both have passed the FSCCoC certification, which is an important milestone for us to achieve this goal."

SIG Combibloc aseptic carton pack contains up to 75% of wood fiber. These wood fibers are extracted from wood and are renewable raw materials. Hecker said that the first thing we need to do is to effectively select these natural resources based on the highest ecological standards. In other words, in order to cover the entire value chain from the forest to the carton, SIG Combibine requires that all suppliers of unprocessed cardboard comply with FSC Chain of Custody standards for their plants. This avoids the use of controversial timber resources in the production of untreated cardboard and ensures that the wood fibres used in carton packaging come from legitimate and well-managed production areas.

For SIG Combibloc, sustainable development means building on the company’s continued success while pursuing more ambitious environmental development goals.

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