Decoration Guide: Knowledge of Solid Wood Furniture

Modern urban life is busy and tense, and a warm home can bring everyone the most relaxing leisure time. But how can you make your home warm and comfortable? With a little skill, you can easily create a pleasant home. Life Home Xiaobian has prepared a series of fashion information from house decoration to home decoration to help you have a relaxed and comfortable life.

First, the classification of furniture

Solid wood furniture

Noun explanation: The main body of the furniture is made of natural wood, and only a small amount of accessories such as plywood are called solid wood furniture. So what is the main body of furniture? The door of the cabinet, the side panels, the panels of the table, the side panels, the feet, the backrests of the beds, the side panels, and the feet are all the main parts of the furniture. And the bottom plate and drawer bottom plate of some cabinets are not the main body.

The characteristics of solid wood furniture: generally the structure of the blinking, that is, the fixed structure.

Some misunderstandings of solid wood furniture:

1. The veneer veneer furniture is called solid wood furniture. In fact, this type of furniture should belong to panel furniture. The definition of solid wood furniture is natural wood, as long as there are artificially processed furniture in the main body of the furniture, it does not belong to solid wood furniture.

The common technique for selling aunts is to tell you that there is a blockboard under the panel, and then that the blockboard is solid wood, and then the furniture is called solid wood furniture. If you don't pay attention, you will be over. Blockboard is plywood, not in the category of solid wood. Although it is made of solid wood, the difference between the two is as if the flour cannot be called rice.

2. Some specially treated paper veneer furniture is called solid wood furniture. Some paper veneer furniture surfaces are almost exactly the same as solid wood furniture, especially several classical brands in Wenzhou, which are not almost impossible for furniture connoisseurs. And the sale of the aunt is really confusing, you bought it, earning money is her, and it is yours who suffers.

3. Some furniture that is partially solid wood is called solid wood furniture. Some furniture door panels are all solid wood, but the side panels are not, but the sales aunts are called solid wood. In fact, this kind of furniture should be between the plate and solid wood furniture. It should be called semi-solid wood furniture, just like mermaid. Although like a person, it cannot be called a person.

plate-type furniture

Noun explanation: The main parts of the furniture are all made of surface-decorated artificial boards, plywood, particle board, blockboard, medium density fiberboard, etc.

The characteristics of panel furniture: all kinds of metal connectors are used to connect the plates and columns. Horizontal and vertical, lack of hierarchical changes. According to the different veneer surface of the furniture, it is divided into wood veneer, paper veneer, tri-hydrogen ammonia veneer, and painted surface furniture. It has a service life of 5 to 10 years and is suitable for young people. It is also the most popular furniture. Because there are too many changes, I will open a detailed post to answer your questions.

Metal furniture

It is made of metal such as steel pipe and is made of steel or other auxiliary materials such as wood-based panels. There are fewer households and more outdoor, and wrought iron furniture is one of the best.

Second, how to choose solid wood furniture

1. Determine if the furniture is really made of solid wood

Main viewing board and side panels

Tips: knots, wood grain and cross section

Scarred: Look at the location of the scared side, and then find the corresponding pattern on the other side.

Wood grain: The appearance looks like a pattern, so the position of the pattern change corresponds to the corresponding pattern on the back of the cabinet door. If the correspondence is very good, it is pure solid wood.

Section: The color of the section is deeper than the panel, and it can be seen that it is made of whole piece of wood.

2, look at the tree species

What kind of wood is made of wood, which directly affects price and quality. From the cheapest pine, eucalyptus, to expensive mahogany, the price difference is dozens of times. Therefore, do not consider the tree species because it is solid wood. After all, solid wood like pine, in addition to environmental protection, performance is much worse than the artificial board.

3, judge the origin of solid wood manufacturers

Pay special attention to the origin of solid wood furniture and wood manufacturers. There is an old saying "solid wood but the Yangtze River", that is to say, after the solid wood furniture produced in the south reaches the north, the moisture content will be affected by the climate, which is prone to cracking and deformation. Therefore, when you purchase, you should see the place of production.

4. Observe the wood for defects.

Several major defects in solid wood: cracking, crusting, insect eyes, mildew, you should carefully check the details when buying. Cracking: Naturally can't buy.

Scarred: If there is a scar on the front, the same position on the back also has this knot. This knot is basically a dead knot. It takes a long time and will fall off. Therefore, furniture with such defects cannot be bought.

Insect eye: Although many furniture are said to have been dried and degreased, you think that China is so big, there are so many furniture factories, the state management is so weak, and the credibility must be at least 50% off. In addition to those Western-style solid wood furniture, deliberately engraved on the insect eye, the other will not buy

Mildew: It is the fact that the wood is green and has water marks. Although the sales aunt will tell you that it has been dried, no problem. But you think about it, after the moldy bread has been reprocessed, will you still eat it? The performance of moldy wood is not the same as before.

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