Autumn decoration, how to avoid "sequel"?

In the autumn and summer, the weather is getting cooler, and the decoration is beginning to “hot”. Experienced people know that autumn decoration has many advantages. For example, because the climate is dry, wooden boards are not easy to return to the tide, paints and paints are easy to dry, but there are also some unique decoration sequelae. How to avoid home decoration troubles? Remind you to do the following:

Remind a frequent ventilation and pollution prevention

The pollution generated during the renovation process has long been one of the most concerned issues, and has seriously affected people's daily lives. Therefore, experts strongly recommend that during the renovation, the autumn wind will be large, and ventilation will be maintained frequently to improve indoor air quality.

Remind two wallpapers need to be hydrated and deformed

In the summer, because the air is humid, wallpapers and wall coverings are not very troublesome: after normal construction, open the doors and windows to make the walls dry quickly. Because the autumn climate is relatively dry, the wallpaper and wall covering must be soaked in the water before the paving, and then the glue is applied. After the paving, the windows and doors cannot be opened as quickly as the summer. This makes it easy for the newly laid wallpaper to be blown dry by the “winding through the wind”, thus losing water and deformation. Therefore, in the autumn, the wall of the wallpaper and the wall covering should be naturally dry.

Remind the three wood materials to seal the oil to moisturize

The autumn air is dry and the air is not dry, the paint is easier to dry, but if it is not properly prevented, it will bring some trouble. Experts suggest that the wood that arrives at the site should not be placed in a ventilated place, and the wood with higher value should be sealed with oil. Otherwise, the surface of the wood will be slightly cracked due to the rapid loss of moisture. The wood line used for the edge is solid wood, and the moisture content is higher than that of the veneer. After the processing is completed, the surface should be sealed as soon as possible. If the moisture in the wood line is lost, the wood line will shrink and may affect The appearance of the veneer.

Remind four styles of color to be suitable for all seasons

When the climate turns cold, people will unwittingly like some warm colors, which will cause illusion and misinformation to the visual senses. Therefore, we must objectively examine our tendency to purchase building materials, give full play to the imagination of the space, and create a climate for each season. Suitable for your home environment.

Remind that the five fall repairs do not worry

The shrinkage of the wooden floor, the increase of the seam of the board, the opening of the interface of different materials... no hurry! Experts pointed out that after the room has been renovated in spring and summer, it may be dry and the temperature changes frequently. The evaporation of water and the shrinkage of the material will cause different degrees of cracking and cracking. These are normal conditions and can be repaired, but it is best not to immediately repair. Because the crack at this time is caused by the gradual evaporation of water in the wall. If the "channel" of the water volatilization is repaired at this time, the water will continue to volatilize, so it will find a new "channel" - - The wall is still likely to crack again. Therefore, in the fall repair should pay attention not to worry, should wait for the spring of the next year, after four seasons of warm and cold temperature difference, the cracking and deformation problems are no longer developed, then a one-time repair, and then the decoration company to repair, the effect is good.

Remind that six fire and explosion protection is very important

Most of the decoration materials are flammable, and the paints, paints and thinners used in the decoration are extremely volatile. The explosion concentration limit is 1.5% to 1.7%. In this range, the starting power tools and plug-in power sockets are encountered. Very small sparks, etc., can be dangerous.

Therefore, experts caution that the storage location of paints, paints, thinners, etc. must be maintained at an appropriate safety distance from the tools that are operated by electricity.

Remind seven to guard against holiday sickness

There are many people in the autumn decoration, and the engineering team and the workers often ignore the quality in order to catch up with the work. In addition, autumn and winter are the seasons where traditional Chinese festivals are concentrated. Most of the construction workers will go home for the holidays, so at this time they work faster, so compared with other seasons, it is rare for workers in autumn to grind and delay workers. However, in this case, it will inevitably be rough, so the owner must be reminded to carefully check and strictly control the project.

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