Five Body Exercises Creates Hot Measurements

Today's five popular body movements are welcomed by urban women. They are Kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do, Step Punch, Latin Dance and Yoga. This is related to their stressful living conditions and the pressure of work like men.

Today's five popular fitness games are popular with urban women. They are Kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do, Steps, Latin Dance and Yoga. This is related to their stressful life and the same stressful work as men. If you are similar, Situation, then hurry up.

Yoga - soft body language

Yoga can be used to prevent and treat many diseases. When you practice yoga, you can keep your body in a certain position for a period of time to maintain your physical and mental unity. Practicing yoga can make the endocrine balance, the body's limbs get a balanced development, even if the sleep time is not long, but also to maintain a good physical strength.

Fight - quick and effective weight loss

The fight was first created by a black boxing world champion who mixed boxing, karate, taekwondo and some dance movements, and asked the practitioner to punch and kick with the music. Kickboxing requires a perfect combination of speed and strength, can consume a lot of calories, and can do 600 calories a day for a one-hour fight. It strengthens the muscle strength of the waist and abdomen, and allows the practitioner to have a good 3 months of continuous exercise. endurance.

Tae Kwon Do - find the master feel

Taekwondo originated from the ancient North Korean folk martial arts. It is based on footwork.

Many people practice Tae Kwon Do not only for physical fitness but also go for the word “Cool”. Standing at one end, the trainer held his foot up high over the waist. After a few steps, the student leaped up and limped sideways, hitting the foot accurately. The seemingly thrilling action was a piece of cake in Taekwondo.

Latin dance - shaping perfect waist and hip

Latin dance can fully release emotions, reduce stress, enhance physical flexibility, and strengthen heart and lung function. The state of the human body during the Latin dance: The upper body, especially the shoulders, should remain motionless. It is a manifestation of the white culture in Latin dance; the middle of the body, including the waist and the hips, should be twisted to the fullest, demonstrating the liveliness and extroversion of African culture. Features; Part of the dance of the lower body, legs and feet captures Indian culture.

Stepping Exercise - Enjoying the Up and Down Movement

Pedal operation is a type of aerobic exercise, requiring the practitioner to perform long-term, low-intensity exercise in a state of adequate oxygen supply. Because of the height of the pedal itself and the strength of the movement, more energy is consumed to complete the same action than on the flat ground, so that the leg is more robust, the muscle lines are more beautiful, and the problem of sagging of the hip can be effectively solved.

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