Black rotating bottle cap makes it stand out

As a supplier of the cap, CROWN Closures USA plays an indispensable role in creating a premium brand image for the product to deliver its unique nutritional advantages. The Polaner Fancy Fruit line of B&G Foods uses a black rotating bottle cap to attract health-conscious consumers.

Bottle caps use gold and white as the text printing color system, together with the high-precision mosaic pattern to construct the name of the product. In order to make the brand image more prominent, Crown also printed the corresponding product information on the edge of the cap, telling consumers that the fruit product is a good source of the body's fiber, and it does not contain high concentrations of fructose corn sweet sauce. The text is printed in gold of the same tone golden color, in order to convey the excellent quality characteristics of the product from all angles.
“When consumers browse the goods on the shelf, they usually first introduce the lid of the product, so it is helpful for us to deliver brand information on the bottle cap to make our products stand out on the shelf.” explains Marvin Schwinder, Marketing Director of B&G Foods. Says, “When consumers bring products home, they open the bottle and hear the bottle break, which will make them more at ease. The product is safe and fresh.”

Sand Timer

Hourglass is also called a sand clock, a device for measuring time. The hourglass consists of two glass balls and a narrow connecting pipe. The time is measured by the time it takes for a glass ball filled with sand to flow through the narrow tube into the bottom glass ball. We have 1 minute, 3 minutes, 10 minutes of hourglass, and can be ordered as requested.

Sand Timer

Sand Timer,Plastic Colorful Sand Timer,1 Minute Sand Timer,2 Minute Sand Timer

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