Teach you how to use roses to achieve skin

For women, drink more roses and make your face look rosy like a petal. This is because the rose has a strong effect of promoting blood circulation, phlegm, and regulating the organs. What we usually say is that the face is not good or the face is long-spotted, menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea and other symptoms, and the qi and blood running disorders, stagnation in the uterus or face. Once the blood is running normally, it will naturally look rosy and healthy.

Specific practices: daily to take 15g of rose water to drink, qi deficiency can be added to the jujube 3 to 5, or American ginseng 9g; kidney deficiency can be added to the scorpion 15g.

Tip: When you are making a rose, you can add rock sugar or honey according to your taste to reduce the astringency of the rose. Need to be reminded that roses are best not to drink with tea. Because there is a lot of tannic acid in the tea, it will affect the effect of the rose to relieve liver and relieve depression. In addition, because the role of rose blood circulation is stronger, people with excessive menstrual flow should not drink during menstruation.

Drinking tea alone: ​​Take 2 to 10 dried rose buds in the cup each time, then pour the water. If there is a lid, it will be better for a while. The number of flowers per time depends on personal preference.

And jujube tea: the amount depends on personal preference. Not only does it maintain the characteristics of the whitening and moisturizing skin of the rose, it is also a good way to improve the endocrine disorders and relieve constipation.

Excellent combination: rose bud + red date, rose bud + milk seasoning powder

Jujube Rose Tea Material: 5 pink roses and 2 red dates. Practice: Use 80 degrees Celsius to make water (high water temperature will destroy vitamin C)
Drink: Two cups a day Note: For only one month, the skin tone will be white. The vitamin C content in roses and red dates is higher than that of lemon, and vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin. Its efficacy is of course remarkable. And after drinking, you can also get rid of fat, killing two birds with one stone.

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