Unreasonable fermentation process causes looseness of beverage caps

Recently, Mount Majura Wines, Australia, is recalling concentrated grape juice products because of unreasonable fermentation process that results in unstable product quality and higher pressure inside the beverage bottle. When the bottle cap is loosened, the lid of the beverage bottle may be Being topped or causing the bottle to explode automatically.

The recalled product information is as follows:

Product Category: Concentrated Grape Syrup

Product Name: Mount Majura Vineyard - Vino cotto (condensed grape juice)

Packing form: 250ml glass bottle, plastic thread top tank

Origin: Australia

Production date: 2010

Sales Location: Canberra, Australia (products are also sold in other states)

At present, Australia's Mount Majura Wines is recalling concentrated grape juice products, which are sold directly to consumers in Canberra, Australia. Products are either sold directly by Mount Majura Vineyard or sold by Mount Majura Vineyard or mail-ordered. .

Mount Majura Wines company's other products are good.

Consumers should deal with the problem product as follows:

1. Take light glass bottles

2 Wrap the bottle with a towel and keep it away from the crowd. Gently loosen the cap with gloves and slowly lower the internal pressure.

3. Pour the grape juice into the sink

4. Discard empty bottles. Do not attach caps.

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