The key details can save 40 details that can not be ignored in outdoor sports

1 Do not stand on a rock that is not fixed, bend down and reach out to pull down people who are weighed like you; to pull your body backwards, pull your hand as close as possible to the line of force on your legs, or you have rough trees or people behind you. You can fix yourself; or use a piece of rope.

2 Try not to shake hands with two people. When pulling people up, try to hold each other's wrists.

3 Don't rely on pulling branches or weeds or climbing branches with diameters smaller than the thickness of your thumb; you can only climb with roots that are larger than the thickness of your thumb.

4 Try not to use a branch that is smaller than the size of your wrist to make a horizontal bar. Hang or bend the branch to rise or fall and it is easy to break. Use a branch that is larger than the wrist, or as close to the root of the branch as possible (by the trunk).

5 Try not to use rocks that are taller than your head and you can't judge whether it's solid. It's extremely dangerous to hang your life on rocks that you don't know; it should be fixed at three points first, and verified with the strength of one's body. Act again.

6 Make sure that when you climb a hill with many gravels, lots of ice and snow, and easy to slide down, the distance between the adjacent players is too close. You must set a space of 2 more people than usual to prevent them from being hurt by falling stones.

7 Try not to take too little time off the hillside on the slippery hillside; wait until the person in front is safe to the end, and the person behind you can go down; if there are conditions, the person in front can protect the people behind.

8 Try not to let your own hiking shoes have sediment, plant leaves, water, snow and other substances that reduce the coefficient of friction. With these substances, you can only climb up to a maximum of 3 points of the original slope when climbing huge rocks. The slope of the second, otherwise your feet will slip.

9 Try not to rest on a steep hillside that is fatigued and carries heavy luggage. If you are tired, it is best to stop at your hips and turn back. Avoid rolling down the hill.

10 Try not to get too close to the front and rear when drilling the jungle. The thorns that are rebounding can easily pierce your eyes; you can use your brim to cover your head or protect your eyes with your hands.

11 Try not to drill the jungle or stone forest, only to know to bow down, the result of the head passed, the package and the hips can not go; to squat, bend over, bow, arms, crawl forward, and then look forward, until the buttocks through After you can look up, straight down, and stand up.

12 Try not to cover your feet with grass. You can't see the following real gut trails; use a mountaineering account, etc., and try again. Otherwise, you may fall into a hillside or deep pit.

13 Try not to be a opener in summer and autumn unless you will be agitated, or you are very alert to find the snake on the road and have a way to deal with it.

14 Try not to go uphill alone. If you are on the road, you must always do a good road sign; you cannot return it.

15 If you are in danger or get lost, hang up for a friend or 110 in the morning. Don't hang up when you are in danger.

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