The solid wood furniture was questioned again. After the sawing, the inner core turned out to be a wood-based panel.

The three-door wardrobe, which is 100% imported from Thailand, is made of rubber wood veneer. The four-door wardrobe, which is known as 100% full ash, detects the bottom of the wardrobe drawer as plywood. Wood board...

Recently, the staff of Zhejiang Consumer Protection Committee and Provincial Institute of Furniture and Hardware formed a solid wood furniture market research group, and purchased 12 brands of “solid wood furniture” in 12 major furniture markets in Hangzhou, including wardrobes and table meals. Chairs, TV cabinets, coffee tables, etc., after the destructive testing of the provincial furniture product quality inspection center, found that all 13 pieces are not all solid wood furniture.

Ye Yuanchun, deputy secretary-general of the Provincial Consumer Protection Committee, said that all 12 brand manufacturers involved false propaganda. According to the law, consumers should retain good evidence if they encounter similar situations.

Salesperson false propaganda

The survey of Hangzhou solid wood furniture market involves Red Star Meikailong Yifeng Store, Hongxing Meikailong Gudun Store, Hangzhou Peace Furniture Market, Hangzhou Huadong Furniture Market, Hangzhou Oriental Furniture Market, Hangzhou Ouyada Home Market, There are 128 sellers in 7 furniture markets in the New Age Home Life Plaza.

13 samples from 12 brands, including federal furniture coffee table, dining table chair, three-door wardrobe of giant mulberry furniture, Levi's dining table, Shandong Jimmy's four-door wardrobe, Mingfeng Pavilion's TV cabinet, Salome's Dining table chair, Sanshan's dining table chair, Jindi's dining table chair, Huaye's dining table chair, beautiful Jianni's dining table chair, Yicaixuan's TV cabinet, and the peak TV cabinet.

In the process of purchasing these samples, the sales of all 12 brands promised to be “100% solid wood”. The salesperson of Giant Sang said: "I can scratch it on the spot to show you that our products are 100% certain, absolutely (solid wood), you can go to the test, if you find that it is not all solid wood, 100% will be returned to you."

However, the staff found that the main material of the three-door wardrobe of Giant Sang was rubber-wood veneered wood-based panel, the back panel of the wardrobe was a blockboard, and the surface was veneered; the base of the wardrobe door was rubber-wood finger-jointed board, and the surface was veneered. It is not all solid wood furniture.

Similar to the use of non-solid wood furniture, such as giant mulberry, the expensive wood, poor wood quality mixed with more expensive wood, the large area of ​​poor wood mixed with all the more expensive wood, all of these 13 samples exist.

Interestingly, although the salesperson kept saying "all solid wood", the investigator asked for the main material of the furniture on the purchase receipt, but no one dared to agree. When filling in the sales voucher, they were all vague and unwilling. Write on the purchase contract or shopping receipt whether all solid wood furniture or main materials and auxiliary materials are.

No product manual

The survey also found that most of the 128 dealers could not provide furniture instruction manuals. Many salesmen simply did not know what the product manual was, and some used the product brochures as the product manual.

In 2001, the national mandatory GB5296.6-2004 "Consumer Products Instructions for Use Part 6: Furniture" stipulates that the furniture sold must have instructions for use. The furniture name must reflect the true attributes of the furniture and comply with the corresponding national or industrial standards. The instructions for use must explain the relevant requirements and indicators of the state, and explain the control indicators such as the materials used in the furniture and the toxic substances or radioactive substances actually contained in the paint.

Solid wood furniture

Finished furniture made of solid wood sawn timber or solid wood slabs, finished with finished finishes, or finished with solid wood veneer or veneer (wood veneer). Solid wood board refers to the solid wood material formed by secondary processing of wood such as joint material and laminated timber. Solid wood furniture can be divided into all solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture, solid wood veneer furniture.

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