3 beauty skin highlights the bride's super perfect side face

  At the wedding, he needs your expression to give him a firm response, and responding to his protagonist is your full and smooth silhouette. The following is the secret for you to analyze the super- perfect face , and the three skin- focusing points make your happy side face a permanent memory of his heart.

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What is the perfect side face?

The beauty of the side face is more about the sense of line, and the connection between the facial features and the cheeks must be clearly defined.

Forehead - full and round and smooth, hairline is clear.

Eye corners - no more than 5 degrees from the horizontal line up or down. There must be no lines when you don't make expressions.

The shin bone - slightly raised meat, but not too much, because the cheeks are too fat, it will be easy to relax, so that the visual sense of the entire face will move down, but do not skinny, it will look harsh.

T area - nose shape can not be changed, but the skin must be smooth, the key is that the pores are tightly tightened, and if there are deeper lines on both sides, there will be a sense of division, which makes the continuity of your entire face line serious. damage.

The corner of the mouth - the corner of the mouth is preferably slightly upturned, at least horizontal. If it hangs down, please check if there is a diameter of the coin on the back side of the corner of the mouth.

Chin - the tip of the chin is tilted outwards, perpendicular to the forehead. Look down at the mirror and see if there is a double chin. If there is, it means that the skin between the face and the neck has a tendency to relax.

Perfect mini compact

Skin relaxation - effective introduction is more important

To make the firming ingredients better absorbed, we can use some small tools or tips, such as hot hands to press the skin care vertically. Studies have shown that the skin temperature rises by 1OC~2OC, the absorption will also be improved, or try a small household importer is also good, go to a beauty salon with professional introduction equipment every week is also a good choice, anyway, It is important to pay attention to the ingredients, whether the ingredients can be absorbed or not.

In order for the product to reach the deeper layers of the skin, we can simply judge it by observing whether there are microcapsule technology or electromagnetic conductors such as cell technology, water carrier, magnetic water, etc. If there is such a component, the merchant will be advertised. .

Negative keratin - use the auxiliary ingredients in exfoliating products

Thick keratin, naturally affects the effect of skin care products, and it is of course necessary to exfoliate in time. For areas with more keratin, gently massage the palm with a large round shape. It is also recommended that you choose the exfoliating cream of the firming Q10, the refreshing green tea, the edema of caffeine, etc., while exfoliating, and also assist in the skin tightening.

Pore ​​expansion - local hydration

Most of the skin of the bride of the age is light and mature. The most striking feature of this kind of skin is the trouble of having pores, but it is not very big. At this time, the pores have just changed from a circular shape to an elliptical shape, which is easily overlooked, and it is still focused on removing pores from the dirt. In fact, the pore problem at this time has risen to the cell level, and the cells that become sputum lack support, and the pores will naturally deform. Therefore, the most important thing at this time is hydration, especially on the sides of the cheeks near the nose. It is the first area where the pores are deformed. It is important to hydrate the water. The combination of cotton pad + moisturizing lotion is just right for this area.

Fat accumulation or repeated edema - the next few inches of lymphatic drainage

The underside of the ear and the chin are most prone to edema and accumulation of fat, and these places are also the culprit that hinders the side face tightening. How can we make these places compact? Then move down a few inches and start from the side of the neck. Here is the lymphatic intensive area. Choose a massage product, slowly press the neck from the lower edge of the chin and the cheeks on both sides and push it to the collarbone. Open your mouth with a waste drain on your face to make your side profile clear and fascinating.

UV damage - to prevent "sugarization" in addition to black

Saccharification refers to the fact that sugar molecules begin to harden after adhering to collagen, which causes the rate of replacement of collagen to slow down. Therefore, saccharification is also an important reason for skin relaxation. The biggest cause of saccharification is the damage from ultraviolet rays. Therefore, in addition to always remembering that sunscreen is the most basic, we can choose ingredients that can resist saccharification, such as soybean and sunflower extract. There is also a common ingredient, vitamin C, which is not specifically targeted for saccharification, but it protects cells from UV rays and helps to synthesize collagen, which can improve wrinkles and sagging skin. It is a common old ingredient.

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