Men's 5 key maintenance parts

Do you know where a decent man should pay attention to maintenance? If you want to make yourself more attractive, come and check out this article, which will make you feel tired.


The traditional saying that the man's feet are closely related to the so-called "Jiangshan", and this means that the "Jiangshan" stable feet are the sensitive areas of many men. As the lowermost feet of the human body, it is the sexiest part of a man when it is exposed during the summer heat. In addition to keeping it basic and dry and tasteless, men's care for their feet is actually a two-way requirement for health and fashion, smooth skin, even skin tone, neat nails, beautiful ankles, a little care, men's Charisma will rise quietly and quickly.


The eyes are the windows of the soul. When the female make-up is paying more and more attention to the makeup of the eyes, the maintenance of the eyes of the man has long been left behind. Endless night and night watching, unavoidable swallowing of tobacco, endless alcoholic entertainment... so consumed, thick dark circles, heavy eye bags, and edema, which creep up, climbed into the man’s eyes. More importantly, the man's unique comet has also become cloudy and fuzzy. Therefore, to add energy, it should be the nose.

There are many romantic legends about the man's nose. The more the nose is taller, the better the man's ability; the bigger the nose is, the more the man can accumulate money... The various expressions prove the importance people attach to the man's nose. In addition to the congenital nose type, to shape the man's facial charm, the maintenance of the nose can of course not be taken lightly. Acne, blackheads, acne, and large pores are all factors that make men's charm weaker. In addition, the man's carelessness puts the nose under pressure, and the long-lasting patient care is the solution to the nose problem. The key way out.


Even if you are busy with work, you will even ignore the existence of your own hands - when you finish your work before going to work, who has the mood to control whether your hands are rough or not. However, a pair of hands can best highlight a person's identity. A pair of rough and stiff hands, its owner must also be a person who is not trimmed, awkward, and his hands are clean and tidy, smooth and flexible, and its owner must be a request. New good man with details of life. Hands, give us face.


In the traditional aesthetic, the neck line of a male represents a symbol of strength different from that of a woman. Back to modern aesthetics, the neck of a man inherits the body part that symbolizes strength. On the other hand, it is more attractive to urban men. One of the standards. In the trend that men's skin care has become popular, men's neglect of the neck often sells you inadvertently. Neck skin is thinner and more fragile. Choosing a cleaning device to care for the neck is a serious misunderstanding. Reasonable products and proper massage are the main points of neck care.

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