The mandatory standards for children's furniture are approved for approval within the year.

China's first national mandatory standard for children's furniture, "General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture," has been approved by experts and is expected to be approved for implementation by the end of this year.

It is understood that the "General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture" for the first time clarifies that children's furniture should be suitable for children aged 3-14. The standard includes nine parts including the limit of toxic and hazardous substances and the use of safety warning signs. The standard specifies the structural safety and safety warning signs for children's furniture. According to experts, the standards for children's furniture products, such as the edges and tips, protrusions, holes and gaps, folding structures, etc., are clearly defined to prevent harm to children; to prevent children from hiding in furniture for a long time, children The cabinet-type closed furniture used shall have a certain ventilation function; the warning signs shall specify that the age range of the product and other required safety warning signs shall be clearly specified on the children's furniture products or in the instructions for use.

In the standard, the limit indicators for heavy metals, formaldehyde emission and decomposable aromatic amines in the main and auxiliary materials such as children's furniture artificial panels, paints, textiles and fur fabrics are stipulated, which is stricter and more demanding than adult furniture. In addition, the standard also puts specific requirements on the dyes and pH values ​​of some soft furniture.

The reporter learned from the quality supervision that in the first half of last year alone, there were more than 20 children's furniture manufacturers exposed by the quality supervision department. The introduction of mandatory standards will play a regulatory role in the entire children's furniture industry, while providing furniture manufacturers with clear implementation standards. Sss

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