10 moisturizing foundations for dry winter

Ms. Chanel said: “There is one thing that will allow me to regain my radiance after a few days and nights. That is to moisturize the foundation.” The effect of the foundation is far more than just improving the skin tone. In the cold winter season, the foundation moisturizes and moisturizes. The effect also plays an important role in the day's skin care routine. Here, 10 foundation products have a face that will help you stay supple in a dry environment.

Moisturizing foundation

Moisturizing foundation

1 , Dior Dior gel high efficiency intelligent moisturizing powder

Reference price: RMB530/10g

Product Description: The Dior Moisturizing Series contains fabric-blending technology and a unique new generation of moisture regulators that allow the skin to cope with any environment and occasion. Tested by Dior Diome Center, even in the harshest of environments, Dior Dior's Efficient Smart Moisturizing Powder can still withstand the challenge and become Dior Dior's perfect makeup to date.

Recommended reason: into the future era, inspired by the fine powder of nanotechnology. The super-smooth invisible nano-network creates a perfect skin tone and remains the same in the most extreme environments.

Moisturizing foundation

Moisturizing foundation

2 , Clarins Apple Light Mousse Foundation Cream

Reference Price: RMB380.0/30g

Product introduction: The magical mousse foundation, the pores are instantly invisible! The incredible natural color creates a fresh and perfect skin tone. The easy-to-apply mousse texture reproduces beautiful health. Clarins' innovative high-concentration automatic soft focus particles, multi-angle refracting light, make the skin look like a red apple, full color and enamel, so that the fine lines of pores instantly invisible.

Recommended reason: high concealer, soft and matte, so that the makeup is not oily, the coverage is very satisfactory. The makeup effect is maintained throughout the day, saving a lot of makeup time.

Water Tank Circulation Cleaner Features:

·Remove dirt from tank and pipeline.

·prevent water tank pipe blocking, bailer overflow.

·It is harmless to metal parts and rubber parts.

Water Tank Circulation Cleaner Method of use:

After add this product to normal revolve 10 minutes,add the water revolve 10 minutes than drain the water.

Recommended dosage: 1:6 to 1:10 (depending on the pollution level of the water tank)

Water Tank Circulation Cleaner

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